Thursday, September 6, 2012

The second half of August hit us like a windstorm.  I accepted a management position and went away for two weeks of classroom training.  My mommy guilt would have been high under normal circumstances, but because my training coincided with my husbands on call schedule, which meant that the kids were essentially taking care of each other the first week, my mommy guilt was on overdrive.  
Here's a look at my first week away :

Monday August 13, 2012.
Looking Up -
I'm a suburban girl, but this week I'm living the urban lifestyle.  The hotel that my work put me up in is located in downtown Kitchener, right beside the Octoberfest building.  Looking up at a castle only added to the dream like quality of what I had embarked on.  

Tuesday August 14, 2012.
Out and About -
I decided to take my camera out for a walk and explore the area around my hotel.  Downtown Kitchener is an area in transition.  You can see that the city is trying to make improvements to it's culture with gardens, statues and water features but the downtown streets are home to a visible number of homeless people.  I don't know what it was but overall I felt uncomfortable.  A quick walk around the block, was all I managed and then I went back to the security of my room.

~looking down
 ~ heartbeat in the city
second shot
Wednesday August 15, 2012.
Visitors -
My boys came to take me out to dinner on Wednesday!

~ reflection of my boys and I.
 ~Skadoodle's Doodle
second shot
Thursday August 16, 2012.
Something Yellow -
The Training Classroom was stocked with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but my hand kept reaching for the cookie jar.

Friday August 17, 2012.
Like Alice -
By Friday the hotel and the constant learning of new information was getting old.  I missed my old life already, and I was beginning to feel more like Alice than I did my self:

"It was much pleasanter at home,
 where one wasn't always growing larger and smaller
and being ordered about by mice and rabbits" 
~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.  

morning view ~
 found art ~
second shot
 ~ cooking for one
last one

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