Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saturday August 4, 2012.
In Their Element - 

Sunday August 5, 2012.
Cousins -
Finding a new brother means that he and I are beginning to build a relationship.  But it's not just our relationship that needs to be established.  I would love for his son and daughter, and my children to build a relationship as well.

Monday August 6, 2012.
Grace -
She's not the graceful swan, nor is she the familiar goose.  She doesn't have flock in which she can blend into.  I don't know who or what she is, and yet, even without fitting into the mold, she still is able to fly.

Tuesday August 7, 2012.
Rewards -
My Little Man and I went on a mommy son date to Baskin Robbins.  I splurged, and let him pick the chocolate dipped cone and extra toppings.  He felt special and let me snap away with my camera phone as a reward.

Wednesday August 8, 2012.
Pieces of the Whole -
I have decided to make a quilt.  As I cut the fabric and stack the squares into neat piles, I am thinking about how each piece will fit back into the whole.  I am also thinking of my Grandmother.  She was a quilter, and the inspiration for my desire to make a quilt.  She quilted, for each one of her children and grandchildren, a matrimonial quilt.  As I worked, I wondered if Grandma ever thought about the pieces that make up the whole her quilt and maybe even compared them mentally to the individuals that made up her family as she hovered over the table in her living room and created our treasured heirlooms.

Thursday August 9, 2012.
Ice Eggs -
I'm bored.  He hasn't said these words yet, but I know he is.  He misses his friends and the routine of school.  This summer it has been hard to get Charlie hooked up with friends to play with.  I haven't had much luck coordinating our schedule and his friends schedules.  To keep his spirits up, I've tried to find fun activities for us to do.  One of these activities was Ice Eggs.  I froze trinkets in a water balloon for the Little Man to melt away.  The idea was that he would put his Ice Egg out in the sun to reveal his prizes, but of course, it rained that day.  So, instead, I let him excavate (smash and dig) into the ice with tools.  I think he liked destroying the egg better anyway.

Friday August 10, 2012.
There goes another -
Get ready for the cute toothless stage, followed by the awkward nub of new growth, and finally, the equally awkward Chicklet stage.

Saturday August 11, 2012.
Traditions -
Every family has them, traditions that ties us to our past.  Growing up, Uncle Murry always held a annual corn roast on his farm.  Sadly, both Uncle Murry and the farm are gone, but a few years ago, my Mom renewed his tradition.  Mom's corn roast is not in a rural location; there are no tractor rides or visits down to the pumpkin patch.  Over the years, time has moved on: faces have changed, hair has become grey or fallen out, children have grown into adults who now have their own families, and yet, as different as Mom's corn roast is to Uncle Murry's corn roast they are remarkably similar.  At both you'll find children playing, excited to learn that their new friend is also their cousin.  You'll find the awkward teens who are at the edge of the group, not quite wanting to play children games, and not yet feeling grown up enough to talk with the adults, and adults of all ages will tell stories that start with, "Remember when?"  It is through seeing our children interact as we once did, sharing stories of the past and honouring traditions that strengthen the ties of our family's bond.
Sunday August 12, 2012.
Cloud porn -

Monday August 13, 2012.
Anxious -
I have a new job.  A few weeks ago I interviewed for a part time retail position and was offered management.  I took a big breath, talked it over with my family and decided to take the plunge.  Because the management position involves out of town training, my family will be on their own to take care of each other.  I know that they are capable of this, but I wanted to leave them with ideas and things to do together while I was gone.  The boys were anxious to do the craft I bought them and made it before I even left the house.  

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