Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Round Four ~ { week 3 }

Tuesday September 17, 2013.
Sketch -
Charlie's sketch book has seen a lot of action lately.  I love drawing with him.  I love to watch him create his characters; some are funny and friendly while others are fierce and scary.  What all of these creatures have in common is that they are created within the safe bubble of childhood.  They are created from a mind that is still free from self judgement and therefore self containment.  They come to life on the page without the need to be perfectly drawn, and that makes them perfect.  

Wednesday September 18, 2013.
Caged -
As she ventures farther and farther from the safety of our home, I have two choices:  Have faith in her decisions and abilities or lock her up.  And while the latter may seem the safer choice, it's not - both fill me with fear.  I'm afraid of holding her too tight and I'm afraid of letting her go.

Thursday September 19, 2013.
Harvest Moon -
" Because I'm still in love with you - on this harvest moon" 

Friday September 21, 2013.
Gather -
The campfire has always been a place for us to connect - maybe it's a primitive instinct that brings out our desire to gather - maybe it's the darkness that surrounds and the security of the fire that makes us feel safe to be ourselves and tell our stories with honesty and with truth.  Around the fire we laugh, we remissness, and share the best parts of ourselves.

Saturday September 22, 2013.
Rain or Shine  -
Someone felt the first rain drop, then someone else felt another.  And then, from high up in the sky, we heard the rush of rain.  It rained all night, and then all day.  It's a good thing that we don't go camping just to enjoy the weather, because this weekends weather was terrible.  The rain was relentless and it was cold.  And I still had a great weekend.
iphone collage

big girl camera collage

Sunday September 22, 2013.
Bun Head -
Kenzie had other obligations and didn't come camping with us this weekend.  We all missed her.

Monday September 23, 2013.
Truckin -
On Monday night, John and Charlie sketched trucks together.  ( I told you the sketch book was getting a lot of action!)

Tuesday September 24, 2013.
Quiet Your Mind -
In this quiet space, with the sun warming my face; I feel contentment wash over me. I feel gratitude for my full and sometimes crazy life.  In this quiet space, I know that my life, with all its ups and downs is still, pretty darn good.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Round Four -{ week two }

Monday September 9, 2013.
In His Footsteps -
I know that in thirty years from now, these are the moments that I'm going to miss the most.  I try to take time to slow down and realize how blessed I am.  

Tuesday September 10, 2013.
Shopping -
I held out as long as I could, but the time has come to replace my minivan.  My husband and newly licensed daughter are pretty excited about this.  I on the other hand, not so much - the van's been good to me, and I will miss the comfort of driving it.

Wednesday September 11, 2013
Finding Light in the Dark -

"Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.  It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift." ~ Mary Oliver 


Thursday September 12, 2013.
Worthy -
Confession: I've been wearing my kids shoes.  Despite the push from my husband to go buy new shoes, I continue to wear the perfectly usable, but slightly too tight skate shoes Josh outgrew before he outwore. And while this confession seems like I'm wallowing in self pity, I'm not.  I know I am not a victim and I also know I'm not alone.  There is a whole group of us who feel most worthy when they are giving, contributing and sacrificing.  It's not that I believe I'm not worthy.  I know I am. I will buy new shoes - as soon as I wear these ones out.

Friday September 13, 2013.
Sweet Boy -
Sam never misses a episode of "How I Met Your Mother" or a chance for an evening cuddle.

Saturday September 14, 2013.
Craving -
Perhaps I've been indulging in too many sweets from the bakery, because on my day off I went through some nasty withdrawal.  A cookie ( or three ) from the sub shop was able to subside my craving.

Sunday September 15, 2013.
Fall -
I spent Sunday nesting.  The cooler, fresher temperatures meant that nesting was not only about tidying and cleaning but bringing out the fall decorations and welcoming the new season.

Monday September 16, 2013.
Play -
I love old Fisher Price Toys.  Waiting rooms have the best old toys to play with. I took this picture at the car dealership. One day I'm hoping to get a chance to play with this one, this one or even turn the dial and listen to this again

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Round Four - { week one }

September is like a new pair of school shoes, ready to run into the next year.  A blank page ready to have a story written upon it.  A time of intentions, plans and hopes; a time to begin.  

Sunday September 1, 2013.
First Shave -
The first sprouts of facial hair showed up in June.  We let him keep those few stray scraggly chin hairs all summer, but forced him to clean up for back to school.  In his reflection I see his pride and feel my own.  

Monday September 2, 2013.
Practice Makes Perfect -
I don't have the patience required to teach our kids how to tie their shoes. This job has always gone to John. Within an hour Charlie had mastered shoe tying while John had proved himself to be the ultimate multitasker and cleaned the kitchen.  Showoff.

Tuesday September 3, 2013
First Day

And just like that, you are in Grade Three!  As you head back to school, I'm excited for you.  The best part of school for you is being with your friends.  You also have a love of learning and I think that you will rock Grade Three.
As you leave for your first day of your last year, I can't help but remember your first day of your first year. In my mind's eye, I can see a ragamuffin little girl with glasses who is fiercely independent and refuses to hold my hand.  Today, I see a beautiful young lady, who is still fiercely independent - and whether she believes it or not, is ready to explore all the possibilities of her future.
When I look at you, sometimes I can't believe what a difference a couple of years makes.  Leaving today you were full of self confidence and self assurance.  You have found your niche - and I couldn't be happier for you.

Wednesday September 4, 2013.
Still Hanging On -
The days both busier and shorter, summer is almost over.
Thursday September 5, 2013.
Happy -
On Wednesday, I started a new job.  Actually, I went back to the bakery that I worked at over a decade ago.  More than anything else, I want this job to fit - fit my financial needs, my family's needs, as well as fit my personal, creative needs and social needs.  And as much as I want the job to fit me, I also want to fit in.

Friday September 6, 2013.
Date Night -
The day began with me watching him sleep.  As his strength lay dormant, I found security in his tenderness. In this quiet moment, I realized how much I've missed him, and when he opened his eyes I told him so. The day ended with a date night.  With us spending time together - just he and I.

Saturday September 7, 2013
Shelter -
Today I was reminded that Family is where I will always find shelter from the storm.

Sunday September 8, 2013.
Together -
It was a gorgeous fall day, and I decided that a trip to the farm would be fun. The teenagers weren't as excited as I was.  I didn't care - at least we were together.