Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Charlie,

I know how much you dislike being thought of as the baby, but today, I can't help remember you eight years ago; a tiny, pink fuzzy bundle placed in my arms.  When I first looked at you, my mommy heart almost exploded with gratitude.  I felt so happy and lucky to have you, and all the wonderful things you would bring into my life.

Seven brought lots of changes in your world. At school you were placed in a split class.  I was worried that you might feel sad that you would be separate from most of your buddies, but instead you welcomed the chance to meet new friends and learn with the big kids.  You are a good little reader, but you hate to read.  My hope for you is that one day you start a book that you just can't put down.  At home, things were different too.  This year, I went back to work and our family routine changed.  I was still able to drop you off at school most mornings, (you now insist on carrying your own back pack, regardless of how heavy it is - another sign to me your are growing up) but Kenzie and Josh took turns picking you up from school, and Josh took care of you after school.

You and Josh are not only brothers but you are also friends.  He is probably your best friend.  You hold  your own with him and his friend when playing games.  The older that you get, less the age gap between the two of you seems to matter.  It makes my mom heart happy to see you two together. I hope that he always remains your buddy even after you both have families of your own.

You have a kind heart.  I think that this shows most in the way you care for your pets. Sam and Miss Piggy love you as much as you love them.  And Allan was a lucky beta to have had a boy who took such good care of him.

This year you gained confidence in your art.  You love to draw, and I love to find your doodles around the house.  You have a knack for creating creatures - each one unique and interesting in it's own way.

You still love soccer.  It's easy for you to drop kick the ball high into the air. You have what I call pretty form when you kick the ball, and when you run.  

You are both smart and funny.  Does this make you a wise cracker?   I guess so.  Your quick witted one liners make us laugh all the time.  You also love to laugh.  When you are playing with your brother, friends or cousins we can hear your infectious giggle from the next room.  

Seven was an epic year full of highs and lows.  Through all the changes in your world, you showed resiliency, optimism and determination to make the best of everything that comes your way.  I am so proud of you and can't wait to watch you grow into eight.