Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday September 24, 2012.
Fine - 
"Fine," she replied.  She gave the answer that was expected of her and then flushed with embarrassment because she knew in her heart that fine wasn't her truth; everything wasn't fine. And then she remembered her collection of antique fine china.  The chipped pieces didn't loose value to her because of their imperfections.  She realized that she could be faded and worn and also cherished and valued.  Just like her collection she was still  fine.  And that was enough.  

Tuesday September 25, 2012.
Between the Lines -
September 25 marked the sixth anniversary of my mother in law's passing. I thought of her as I looked up at the clouds that had lined up in formation.  My husband's mother was a complex woman.  She wasn't easy to get to know, and would only show the world the orderly, neat and in control side of herself.  It took years to feel that we were close and had a relationship of our own.  I  always felt that I had to read between the lines to understand her story - and maybe I never fully did. 

Wednesday September 26, 2012.
Love Story -
Each time I walked past my window, I would stop to watch these two for a moment.  Their connection moved me.  Even from inside my home on the other side of the football field, I could feel the connection between them, but maybe that's because my own love story started much the same way.
My husband and I met when we were sixteen.  We were children, and probably had no business messing around with emotions as grand as love.  Falling in love with John was unavoidable.  Even at sixteen, the connection between us was palatable, just like the two who spent their lunch hour alone together.

Thursday September 27, 2012.
Overwhelmed  -
Feeling like this Lego man.  All I need is his hazmat suit.

Friday September 29, 2012.
More Than Hope -
Charlie came home from the Terry Fox Run at his school with a new tattoo.  Along side Terry's face was the word Courage - [the mental or moral strength to persevere, withstand danger, fear or difficulty]  The chosen word struck me - because in the past if I were to choose one word embody cancer it would have been hope [to expect with confidence.]   Courage was the perfect word, because those going through cancer show more than just hopeful, they are courageous beyond words.

Saturday September 29, 2012.
Good Morning Starshine -
The world says hello!

Sunday September 30, 2012.
Night Lights -
Time to go to bed.