Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Look at Eight.

Eight was

  • neon shirts and shoes
  • ball hockey
  • learning how to skate
  • running at track and at cross country
  • adult teeth in a child's mouth
  • mustaches 
  • soccer
  • Mine Craft
  • Movies 
  • Nerf Gun Wars
  • tying your own shoes 
  • getting in the shower by yourself ( a man needs his privacy!) 
  • catching on to the adult humour 
  • homework and responsibility 
  • being big enough for the cats to find your lap as acceptable 
  • long, lanky and cool 
  • the year you were no longer "Baby Charlie" and became a kid.
  • more street wise: just because so and so said it, no longer means that you believe them 
Happy Birthday Charlie, xo