Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday August 27, 2012.
Pumped Up Kicks-
We went back to school shopping for the kids.  It was obvious to us that Josh had grown, but we didn't realize that he had grown so much.  His last pair of jeans we a boy's 28 we bought him a men's 30.  The shoes that he was wearing were a size 7, we had to buy him a size 10.  I am officially the mother of a man-child. 

Tuesday August 28, 2012.
Fashion Show -
Charlie presented his annual Back to School fashion show for us on Tuesday.  You can tell he felt pretty cool in his new threads.  (cool, threads - is it even cool to say cool or threads anymore?) Gosh, I can't believe that he's going into Grade two.

Wednesday August 29, 2012.
Underwhelmed and Overtired. - 

Thursday August 30, 2012.
Nighttime at the Park -
Working full time means making time for each other where ever and when ever we can.  Thursday night as the sun was setting and the Blue Moon was rising, John and I went to the park with Charlie.

Friday August 31, 2012.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho -
It's off to work I go, and for the record I don't look nearly as jovial as my friend the gnome did.  I'm enjoying my new job, but feeling frustrated that it is taking me longer than I expected to get the hang of things.  I hate being new.

Friday September 1, 2012.
Family Game Night -
Charlie wanted to play Lego Creationary with me on Friday night.  The two of us started playing, and before we knew it, the rest of the family had joined in.  We ignored the rules, and everyone played and built at the same time.  When one of us had finished a creation, the rest of us would guess what it was.  Family game nights are always fun, but this one even more so because it unfolded without planning.  My heart was so full of happiness, I had to take a picture - even if it meant annoying my teen aged daughter who did her best to hide from my camera.

Sunday September 2, 2012.
Easy Like Sunday Morning -
Charlie eased into Sunday.  He spent some extra time snuggling with Mr.Bunny and Mr.Blankee on the couch before he began his day.

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