Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday August 20, 2012.
Scrubbed Clean and Ready to Go: Another Week-
For my second week away, my work decided that it was best if they changed my hotel.  Instead of being downtown, this week I am staying in a small town just outside of Kitchener.  Maybe because it was so much like home I felt both safer and more homesick then I did the first week.    
Tuesday August 21, 2012.
Feeling Lonesome -

~Reminding myself that I'm still me with a reflection in the hotel door.
~ green card

~ the long haul.

Wednesday August 22, 2012.
Oxygen -
There is an expression that in order to take care of anyone else, you have to give the oxygen mask to yourself first.  Being away from my family has made me realize that my family is my oxygen.  I gain strength from them.  Whatever support I lend to my family, I get back tenfold.  They are visiting tonight, and I can't wait to see them.

~ Morning and Evening Shadows - The day started with such promise but somewhere around mid day, it fell apart.  The constant input of  information is making my brain hurt and has left me feeling insecure.  By the time training ended, I needed my family more then ever.

~Time for fun

~ Turns out that it was too much "fun" for Kenzie and I - we decided to check out some of the outlet stores in the strip mall instead.  Walking in between stores, we saw yet another amazing sunset.

~ Our goodbye.  I've had too many of these lately.

Thursday August 23, 2012.
Cruising for a Cause -
As part of my training, Anita, my regional manager, wanted to meet me and take me out for dinner.  I was looking forward to meeting Anita, but the only problem with that was August 23 was A&W's annual Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser -Cruising for a Cause.  It's a night that I've attended ever since my cousin Angela was diagnosed with MS, and a night I didn't want to miss.  So I asked Anita how she felt about burgers. Turns out that Anita likes burgers and cars.  We hit it off immediately and I think I made a new friend.   

Friday August 24, 2012.
Goodbye Hilton -
I'm going home.

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