Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday July 21, 2012.
Too Long -  
As much as we love these two, we only ever seem to manage a couple visits a year.  We ended the evening the same way we do every time: With the promise to not let so much time pass before the next visit. 

second shot

Sunday July 22, 2012.
Rain - 
Normally, it would be considered bad luck to have rain on a weekend, but this hasn't been a normal year.  We've had hardly any rain to speak of this summer.  So as odd as it sounds, the rain that brought with it  promises of freshness and renewal made me giddy with happiness.

Monday July 23, 2012.
I'm Under No Illusions -
I know who my kid is.  Usually he is sweet, kind and agreeable but sometimes - sometimes he is a little monkey.  

Tuesday July 24, 2012.
Summer Snacking -
Either radishes have changed radically since I was a child, or my taste buds have.

Wednesday July 25, 2012.
Good Fortune -
I spent the day thrifting with my mom.  We hunted and  hoped for good fortune while we looked about  for old treasures.  After, we went out for lunch.  The treasure was in the company.

Thursday July 26, 2012.
Dog Days -
I think we have officially reached the dog days of summer.  My kids are far enough away from both the last and the first day of school that it feels to them as if the lazy days of summer will last forever.  I know this midway point - this time where they need direction to keep their days busy.  But, on Thursday, after they shot down a bunch of my 'fun' ideas, I felt exasperated and deflated.  I left them on their own to amuse themselves while had my own fun.  I took the brushes, paint and the canvas I bought at the dollar store to the back deck for some quiet creating time.  Just as I  began, my boys appeared.  I quickly got them their own canvases and the three of us sat down to paint.

Friday July 27, 2012.
Elevate the Everyday - 
...its about found moments.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wednesday July 11, 2012
Found It!!!
I knew that I had my camera out on July 11th!  I'm not sure why I couldn't find it in my computer last week, but here it is now.  I took this picture of the boys before we went to pick up their sister from work and have our 7/11 slushies.  

Saturday July 14, 2012.
Blossoms to Apples -
I was thrilled this spring when the neighbors crab apple tree had a bizillion blooms.  Now, I realize that each and every one of those blooms will become an apple.  Not a problem, until they start to fall and we have a bizillion hornets feasting on rotten crab apples.

Sunday June 15, 2012.
Charlie Toss -
I think that all Dads when at the beach or a pool, throw their kids high into the air, plunging them into the cool water on a hot day.  I'm also pretty sure that all Moms feel a little uneasy watching this father/child ritual.

Monday July 16, 2012.
The Water Fight -
Crossing off my Summer Bucket List.  On Monday, I spent an hour filling up the water guns and the wading pool with water balloons so that the boys could have their annual water fight.  They had a blast.

Tuesday July 17, 2012.
Back at It -
I've been spending evenings with my boys in their "boy cave" down in the basement, which has given me time to get back at my knitting.  Finishing this blanket that I started last winter is another item on my Summer Bucket List.

Wednesday July 18, 2012
Vintage -
I love old.

Thursday July 19, 2012.
A Walk Around the Garden :: Looking Up
Taken with my iphone, edited in Instagram, I just love how this image turned out.

Thursday July 19, 2012
A Walk Around the Garden :: Rewards
The strawberry plant that I planted a few years ago hasn't been very fruitful.  So far this year, it has produced   four berries, three of which I stepped on.
118/365 second shot
Friday July 20, 2012.
Summer Days -
Blue skies, wispy clouds, warm sunshine paired with a cool breeze, and it's Friday.  The perfect summer day.  Cheers to Your Weekend Everyone.

Sunday July 8, 2012
Me and My Middle - 
I love this selfie that I took of Josh and I, but I have a confession to make:  this picture wasn't taken on July the 8th.   Day 107/365-3 was missed.  

Monday July 9, 2012.
Mini Putt -
Not quite ready to come back to reality, we decided to stretch our vacation one more day by doing something fun as a family.  We asked Charlie what he thought would be fun, and he suggested Mini Putt.  He was right, it was fun.  We didn't bother to keep score, so there was no official winner - but each of us had holes that we did better than the others, with Kenzie even getting a hole in one.

Tuesday July 10, 2012.
Purple Flare -
I thought that it was time to get reacquainted with my big girl camera again.  Since getting the Iphone, the poor Nikon has been neglected.  Here's a little morning light flare from my garden.

Wednesday July 11, 2012.
Happy Slushie Day -
Seriously?!?  Did I seriously miss another day?  How could I have missed 7/11 slushie day?  I was sure that I took one.  Here's a recycled picture from after our Mini Putt session.

Thursday July 12, 2012.
Life with Boys -
It's been so hot here that our air conditioning is having a hard time keeping up.  Our evenings have been spent in the basement trying to find some respite from the heat.  This is normal for the boys - after all, the basement is nicknamed "The Boy Cave" for a reason, but normally the basement isn't my favourite place to be.  I think that Charlie is loving his Mom hanging out on his turf, and on Thursday he hosted a mean Beyblade Match.

Friday July 13, 2012.
Details From the Garden -
Taken with my iphone.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Balsam Lake

After spending two years in a row at Arrowhead, we wanted to try something new and decided on Balsam Lake Provincial Park for our family vacation this year.  We chose Balsam because four years ago, we had spent a rainy weekend camped at there with friends.  Most of that weekend is a blur, but the one thing that the kids and John remember was that Balsam Lake had an amazing beach.  Since we love to spend our days and evenings playing in the water, Balsam was the perfect place to camp.

Most of our days were spent between lazing at the beach or chilling out at the campsite.  On the only day that it called for rain, we went into the town of Lindsay, did some shopping and ate dinner.  It was a low key vacation for us.  The kind of vacation reminded all of us the meaning of family and how important it is.   Here's our week in pictures.  

Saturday June 23, 2012.
Baking Again -
Day two of baking cupcakes for Charlie's birthday party.  This time the chocolate cupcakes.  And by baking, I mean opening the package and adding the wet ingredients.  The kids didn't seem to mind.  

June 24, 2012.
Party Day -
For the first time ever, we had The Little Man's birthday party somewhere other than at home.  I think it may have been the easiest party ever, but part of me missed a big party at home.  Over the years I've planned some kick ass home parties for my kids with elaborate themes: a teddy bear picnic, an autumn harvest party, a fifties dance party, a spa themed sleepover,  a skating party, a hot chocolate & skating party, a surprise party, a camping party, a pirate party.  I loved the weeks before a party as I planned games, activities, food and loot bags to match the theme.  But Charlie's Transformer themed party last year put an end to those days.  The kids were clearly not impressed with my efforts, and not only complained throughout the party, but treated my home like a giant playground.  To say that they were party animals is an understatement.
  I've hosted close to twenty birthday parties over the years, and I have noticed a big shift in what kids expect from a party.  I can't blame the kids though,  it's not their fault.  Do a quick Google search for birthday party ideas and you will see what I mean.  The children's birthday party industry is big business, with parents spending lots of money trying to give their child a party that equals or exceeds that of their classmates.  The birthday party bar keeps getting higher and higher.  As parents there is nothing more that we like to give our kids on their special day then to make them feel special.  And don't get me wrong, I know that I am  playing into the game, which is why my days of hosting humble home parties are over.  sigh. 

Monday June 25, 2012.
Enjoying the Breeze -
A break in the record high temperatures meant that we were able to open the windows and enjoy the breeze.  It felt so refreshing to let some air in.

Tuesday June 26, 2012.
Celebrating Me -
Twenty years later, then I should have graduated high school I did it.  I was so happy and proud of myself, that I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Wednesday June 27, 2012.
Lucky Number Seven -
Because there is such a big gap between my big kids and "Baby" Charlie, I knew just how quickly time passes.  I was well aware that before you know it, you turn around and they are grown.  Knowing this,  I savored his baby, toddler and little boy days.  We went on special Mommy and son dates, played and created together.  I have treasured and enjoyed every minute of raising Charlie, and even so, the time passed too quickly.  
He has six full years behind him.  Ahead of him he will go running (probably kicking a ball)  into his Lucky Seventh year. Charlie is a happy, funny, caring boy, and I will savor each day of his lucky year.  

Thursday June 28, 2012.
Last Day -
I think that if he had to spend another day at school, he might have melted.  Charlie's school lacks air conditioning, which most days means it is uncomfortable inside the building but with our region in a extreme heat alert, his school boarders on dangerous.  The upper classrooms of his school reached 134F!  Most days he came out looking like a sweaty lobster.  But on this, the last day of school there was relief at the end of the day.  He was so happy to be invited to his friend Haydn's End of School Pool Party.  A great way to end the year, having fun (and cooling off) with his buddies.

Friday June 29, 2012.
Hazy Moon - 
On the eve of our summer vacation, I am so eager to spend quality time with my family.  For the next week, we will be making memories that I hope the kids hold in their hearts forever.  Look out Balsam Lake Provincial Park, here we come!