Tuesday, December 10, 2013

november 23 - december 10

Saturday November 23, 2013.

The day started and ended with the love of my family - what happened in between shouldn't matter.

Sunday November 24, 2013.

I didn't know how much I needed the space.

Monday November 26, 2013.

His creative soul continues to inspire me to try new ways of thinking.

Tuesday November 26, 2013.

I know that I have seen this and captured it before; the first snow still holds magic for me.

Wednesday November 27, 2013.

The excitement of the kids on the playground was palpable.  Rules were broken and snow flew through the air.

Thursday November 28, 2013.

Unedited Potential.

Friday November 29, 2013.

The men in my life warm my heart.  They are good in every sense of the word.

Saturday November 30, 2013.

I've had to learn to let go and accept my limitations.  In saying goodbye I've made room for new traditions.

Sunday December 1, 2013.

Today I felt their love and pride.

Monday December 2, 2013.

I was impressed by his art, even if I wasn't impressed with the medium.

Tuesday December 3, 2013.

Sometimes I forget that while he will always stand beside me, it's not up to him to carry the heaviness I feel.

Wednesday December 4, 2013.

HERS - Actually it was his but he was kind enough to share.

Thursday December 5, 2013.

His happiness and good nature is contagious.

Friday December 6, 2013.

Even in the midst of a crazy busy season, it is important for me to remember, revisit and reflect on the reverberations of  2013 and project on 2014.

Saturday December 7, 2013.

It should always be this easy.

Sunday December 8, 2013. 

John and Charlie were put the lights and garland on the tree so that we could decorate it that evening. By the time we finished dinner we all decided that watching a Christmas movie together was about all the excitement we could handle.

Monday December 9, 2013.

I haven't officially gotten the flu that is going around, but by the end of the day I felt exhausted and bare.

Tuesday December 10, 2013.

The gift wrap room.  Enter at own risk!