Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 15, 2011.
Shoot For the Moon: When Kenzie and Josh were in grade one, they had an awesome teacher.  Mrs.Groulx always encouraged her class to reach for the moon.  Positive reinforcement wasn't something she tried to do, rather positivity was the essence of who she was and she showered this on her students.  As Charlie heads into grade one, my hope is he will get a teacher half as great as Mrs.Groulx. 

July 16, 2011.
Josh and Sam:  Our cat Sam isn't picky as to whose lap he sits on.  But because Josh is usually sprawled out on the floor playing video games or building with his Lego, Josh's lap isn't available for Sam.  Josh and Sam cuddling is a rare moment, one I was glad to capture even if it's out of focus.  I love Josh's smiling eyes and the pride behind them. 

 July 17, 2011.
The 2 Minute Water Fight:  Sometimes I feel so bad for Charlie.  The bottom rung of the ladder, there is an eight year age gap between he and Josh.  Convincing Josh to play in the kiddie pool isn't easy, and getting his fifteen year old sister out there is impossible!  I was able to lure Josh out with some water balloons.  I don't think that Josh even waited for all the balloons to pop before he headed back in the house.  Charlie was heart broken.  Good thing his Dad came home in between calls.  John was able to cool down with a water fight before going back into work.  The Daddy time cheered Charlie up. 

July 18, 2011.
You scream, I scream:  It has been stinkin' hot here in southern Ontario.  The heat wave wreaked havoc on the grocery stores and John's on call was much busier than normal, so he took Monday off to catch up on his sleep.  In the evening we took the boys out for ice cream.  A sweet treat after a long, hot weekend.
July 19, 2011. 
Yellow Flower at Night:

 July 20, 2011.
Reflection of Us:  Today was the kind of day that up makes you want to retreat and reassess what's important to you.  The kind of day that makes you ask yourself what is it that you value most?  Do these values reflect in how you are choosing to live your life?  

July 21, 2011.
Pizza Night:  It was way too hot to turn on the stove tonight.  So the Big Kid, the Little Man and I walked up to Pizza Pizza.  (Josh was at the beach with a friend and John was working late) 

July 22, 2011. - M.I.A  - I somehow forgot to upload this one to the blog.  But I took one, I swear! 

July 23, 2011.
Here you go Buddy: We went camping this weekend.  This time we took Papa and his dog Freddie.  Charlie loves this dog so much. Plays with him, gets him water, sings to him, talks to him.  Almost makes me change my mind on the no more pets rule.  Then I remember.  Dogs poo. 

July 24, 2011.
Date Night:  The last month has been so busy.  John and I have had so little time to spend quietly together that we decided to go a much needed date when we got back from camping.  Friends are great, but my husband isn't only my partner in crime, he's my best friend.  No one understands me like he does.  No one supports me like he does.  I am a lucky woman.
 July 25, 2011.
Dig In and Get Messy: I finger painted today, something I haven't done in years.  Made me feel like a kid again. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 1, 2011.
100 - I made it to 100 day.  I am one hundred pictures into my 365 project.  It feels like a big accomplishment.  An accomplishment far worthier than a quick snapshot of a hundred pennies, but because I was racing around getting ready to go on vacation, one hundred pennies will have to do. 
July 2, 2011.
Roadside Rocks - I love road trip photography.  I love that I can freeze time and capture what I would have otherwise miss as the car races along at highway speeds.  Call me Rain Man.  I took the two images in the diptych not thinking of the other.  When I went to edit the images, I loved the similarities and differences between the smooth concrete of the overpass and the jagged granite rock of the Canadian shield.  Both awesome in their own way.  Putting them together seemed like the best way to showcase both.

July 3. 2011.
Teen Bonding - I've really noticed how much Josh has grown up lately.  I think Kenzie has noticed too.  She is spending more time, more interest and interacting with his as a peer, not just her younger brother.  Love that.
July 4, 2011.
Us, morning walk - Why is it that by the time your children have learned to love sleeping in, your own internal clock won't allow it?   John and I took advantage of our alone time and went for a morning walk around the campgrounds.  I can't think of a better way to start my day.   (taken with my iPhone - instagram app.)
July 5, 2011.
Vintage Camp Store - Another picture with my iPhone. Did i mention how much I love my new camera I mean phone.  Love it.  I especially love the Instagram app.  Instagram isn't just a way of editing your pictures, it's also a community of iphoneographers who post their images.  Think twitter, only with cool retro looking Polaroids. 

July 6, 2011.
The Bridge - We left the campground  and went to Bracebridge to see the new Transformers movie.  It was a good day to get away.  Apparently just as we were sitting down to the movie, the sky opened up.  It poured rain for about an hour.  I took this picture as we came back into Arrowhead.  After the storm, the river was so calm that it looked like a mirror.

July 7, 2011.
Family Portrait - Every year I make the family huddle together for a vacation portrait.  This year I forgot my tripod.   My camera was balanced on the firewood box, the pots and pans tote with a few pieces of kindling.  I decided it was too much work to clear a spot for us in front of the trailer, so we used Kenzie's tent as a backdrop.  The vacation portraits speak more about us and our family than the over thought, over planned fall portraits I torture my family with.    
July 8, 2011.
Jump! - The boys and I went for an after dinner swim.  The beach was ours alone and we had so much fun.   I got a picture of Charlie showing off his favorite beach trick.  John holds the boogie board for him and he jumps into the water.  Reminds me of my favorite swim trick - bobbing on an old innertube with my cousin at Leonard Lake.
July 9, 2011.
Packing Up - The week ALWAYS goes by too fast.  Camping gives us a chance to shut the world out.  To connect and refuel.  That is a lot to ask of our one week together, but it happens effortlessly.  I know that after the kids have grown up and have families of their own, these vacations will be my sweetest memories.
July 10, 2011.
Chillin' with a Friend - I took this picture of the beach ball while visiting my friend Jenn.    We used to go for daily walks around the neighborhood when we were both stay at home mommies. Our visits now are less often, the walks have been abandoned and the tea has been replaced with beer and coolers.  I assumed that when she got a full time job, I would meet other moms.  New mommy friends to walk with and talk to.  I have.  But there is something special with my friendship with Jenn.  She has been there for me.  She listens with out judgement, giving advice that is neither too wimpy or pushy.  We laugh until we cry when we tell each other stories about our family's antics.   Being just plain silly.  I realize that life only offers you a handful of friends like this and I am grateful for her.

July 11, 2011.
7/11 Day - Whoo hoo, free slushie day!  Another with my iphone, Instagram app.

July 12, 2011.
Roses Through My Window - I moved my rose bush from the backyard to the front of my house a few years ago after too many balls were popped by the thorns.  The front garden is a much safer place for the roses.  Not only is it safer, but I enjoy my roses more now.  When the sun sets, and hits the rose bush, it looks beautiful.  I took this picture through my sheer curtains.  The roses were behind dirty glass and the window screen.  I love the effect it gave to the picture.

July 13, 2011.
One of those Days - This is one of those, "I was too busy to take a picture so here's a random picture of whatever grabs my eye" days.  Seriously I have been busy.  I have sanded and stained my back deck this week.  A huge job.  That alone would be a big deal, but it's also on call week.  Which means that I'm pretty much a single parent this week. I feel like I'm on auto pilot, just going through the motions to get through the day.  So the fact I remembered to take a photo is a miracle when stringing together coherent words to form a sentence has been a  challenge.  

July 14, 2011.
Good Morning Selfie -  Good morning self.  Are you in there?  I see the little smirk on your face, and the lost look in your eye, are you okay?  Something eating at you?  Or perhaps you have a secret that can't be told yet.  Whatever it is, I hope your day turns out well for you, take care, and remember to have some fun today. 


Friday, July 1, 2011

june 16 - 30

June 16, 2011.
Sleepy Boy: He's back from his big adventure.  Tired, he fell fast asleep.  All of Momma's chicks are back at home. 

June 17 2011.
Roadside:  A roadside shot on the way to go camping at Emily Provincial Park.  Our first camping trip of the season.  Couldn't have come at a better time.  All five of us were feeling the need to be together as a family. 

June 18, 2011.
Dad:  For a long time, like most little girls, I put my father up on a pedestal.  To me, he exemplified what a man should be.  Wise, smart, kind, hard working, these are words that I would use to describe Dad. But in the past few years, I have been able to see him as whole.  The whole man - his struggles and his strengths.  I can now see humanity where before I only saw a father.  In seeing his humanity, I love him even more.  Happy Father's Day Dad. 

June 19, 2011.
Floating Feather at Sunset:  There is something magical about the golden hour of sunset.  When we were camping, we headed to the beach for an evening walk. I handed Kenzie my camera and she got some fabulous shots.  This one I took.  I think it may be my new favorite.

June 20, 2011.
Hello and Goodbye:  Before we left the area, we stopped by Dad's house to say a quick goodbye.  I knew that my Aunt and Uncle, who live in Georgia would be there as well.  I hadn't seen them in ages, and for the boys, it was their first meeting of Grampie's sister and brother in law.   It was nice to see them again, and I hope next time we run into them it won't be so long. 


June 21, 2011.
Bacon:  Our traditional camping breakfast is bacon and egg sandwiches on toasted English muffins.  We broke tradition and decided not to bother with a big breakfast.  Instead, we had bacon and egg sandwiches for dinner when we got home. 

June 23, 2011.
Maple Light:  Gosh, it's been busy around here.  A quick snapshot has been all I can manage the last few days.  I added the lyrics of Coldplay's Fix You to this one.

June 24, 2011.
Helping Dad: John finally had a chance to fix the boards on the back deck.  We wanted to get it done in time for The Little Man's birthday party on Sunday.  John was working at a record speed until Charlie found him and offered his help.  This picture cracks me up.  I don't know if it's the expression on his face or the snazzy Spiderman socks and plaid shorts, but Charlie reminds me of a crazy clown in this picture.  And I do mean crazy.  As in stark raving mad.

June 25, 2011.
Generations:  I was lucky enough to be able to have a photo shoot with an awesome family this past weekend.  This outtake of Baby B. being held by his Great Grandpa was the sweetest shot of the day.  Baby B's milk drooling face cradled in Grandpa's loving arms makes my heart melt.


June 2, 2011.
Party Day:  We hosted a Transformers birthday party at our house.  All the little boys in Charlie's class were invited.  I have to say, that I've done many birthday parties, but this was the WILDEST bunch of kids I have ever hosted.  After the last one left, both John and I opened a bottle.  Only 365 more days until the next one, I hope we recover before next year!

June 27, 2011.
Two for the Price of One! - when I was pregnant with my second born, I asked a friend what happens if both kids need you at once?  Her answer?  There will be a day when you are breast feeding one and the other will take a header down the stairs.  It's inevitable.  It happens - all you can do is your best to give who ever needs it, your best attention at the moment they need it the most.  Today was one of those days where both boys needed our attention equally.  I hope both felt special.
Happy Birthday To Me:  Our Little Man turned six today.  Birthdays are a big deal in our house.  I always decorate the house, and let the birthday boy or girl choose what we are going to have for dinner.  After diner there is always cake and a round of Happy Birthday.  This year because of Josh's grade eight grad, we had to compromise.  Charlie was taken out on a special date with his Papa to glow in the dark mini putt, and to dinner at McDonald's.  Because we couldn't have dinner with him, we sang Happy Birthday after school.  By the look on Charlie's face I think there may have been just a wee bit of resentment, that he had to share his day.   

June 27, 2011.
Hey Handsome:  My heart felt so proud I thought it may burst when I saw Josh dressed up in his suit.  He looked so handsome, and grown up.  Congratulations Josh! 

June 28, 2011
Fuzzy Underside:  Beneath the surface, you will find the side that is most hidden from the world.  The under side is the place you have to work at to get to. It is often the most beautiful and rewarding.  


June 29, 2011.
Lawn Boy:  I put the Little Man to work, watering the gardens and the new sod.  I thought that he would love this chore.  I think he was five minutes before he gave up on it and the sprinkler was turned on.  Maybe if I hadn't of called it a chore he would have lasted longer...

June 30, 2011.
Be Brave:  I was having an especially mellow evening, dozing on the couch after dinner basking in the sunlight, when I was struck with an abundance of gratitude.  As a photographer I see the world in images, I see the world in light.   And I was thankful that I was quiet enough, still enough and open enough to receive this gift.