Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunday July 8, 2012
Me and My Middle - 
I love this selfie that I took of Josh and I, but I have a confession to make:  this picture wasn't taken on July the 8th.   Day 107/365-3 was missed.  

Monday July 9, 2012.
Mini Putt -
Not quite ready to come back to reality, we decided to stretch our vacation one more day by doing something fun as a family.  We asked Charlie what he thought would be fun, and he suggested Mini Putt.  He was right, it was fun.  We didn't bother to keep score, so there was no official winner - but each of us had holes that we did better than the others, with Kenzie even getting a hole in one.

Tuesday July 10, 2012.
Purple Flare -
I thought that it was time to get reacquainted with my big girl camera again.  Since getting the Iphone, the poor Nikon has been neglected.  Here's a little morning light flare from my garden.

Wednesday July 11, 2012.
Happy Slushie Day -
Seriously?!?  Did I seriously miss another day?  How could I have missed 7/11 slushie day?  I was sure that I took one.  Here's a recycled picture from after our Mini Putt session.

Thursday July 12, 2012.
Life with Boys -
It's been so hot here that our air conditioning is having a hard time keeping up.  Our evenings have been spent in the basement trying to find some respite from the heat.  This is normal for the boys - after all, the basement is nicknamed "The Boy Cave" for a reason, but normally the basement isn't my favourite place to be.  I think that Charlie is loving his Mom hanging out on his turf, and on Thursday he hosted a mean Beyblade Match.

Friday July 13, 2012.
Details From the Garden -
Taken with my iphone.

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