Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday March 16, 2012
Run! -  I can't believe how fast March break went by.  Charlie and I rode our bikes to the park to meet some friends on Friday.  He missed his buddies.
Saturday March 17, 2012.
Get Back - It's probably hard for my kids to believe this, but I am always on their side: even when they are grounded.  It will be even harder for them to believe that when they are grounded, I am their biggest ally.  I ground them because I want what is best for them.  I ground them to help them get back to their best selves.
Sunday March 18, 2012.
Little Sister - John and I had a great visit with Donna and my big brother.  Seriously, I love saying that.  Big Brother. 
Monday March 19, 2012.
New Tricks-  The Little Man has been out bike riding with his dad.  Which is probably a good thing.  Because he would never have attempted (I would never have encouraged) his new trick -
Tuesday March 20, 2012.
In My Footsteps -
"I haven't taken a picture yet today." I said to Kenzie.
"We can go to Kerncliff." she answered with a smile.
Because she looks to me, because she walks in my footsteps, because I see myself in her, I strive to be a better person. 
Wednesday March 21, 2012.
I Can Almost Taste It - Longer days, playing outside after dinner.  Warmer temperatures, it feels more like May than March.  I can almost taste it, Summer. 

Thursday March 22, 2012.
Courage - I am anxious girl.  If I were a Muppet, I would be Telly monster, constantly running around on the verge of a panic attack.  Or maybe I would be Bert, so desperately trying to control everything.  From where I stand: I am afraid  of heights (actually it's more the fear of falling), of driving (crashing).  I struggle to find the faith that if I leap the net will appear.
Friday March 23, 2012.
Joy full - Saturday is my birthday.  Last year, I started a my 365, and today I get to reap the rewards of my work.  It fills my heart with such absolute joy to see my completed project.  I had planned to take a break from the 365, but have changed my mind.  Regardless of how much I have on my plate, I can't imagine my life without a daily picture to go with it.  365.3 - Bring it.

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  1. I'm sure I am not alone when I say how much I really enjoyed your pictures and posts! You were and are such a young mom and wife and I am so proud to have shared a little piece of your life and I enjoy as a 'fellow mom' reading your posts with your pictures! They are so beautiful! How you can manage to fit in so much and share such amazing moments, I'm sure I will never know. I appreciate your work, please do keep doing what you do!