Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday March 6, 2012.
Big League - His big sister invited him out to the driveway to play.  That's about as big league as he has gotten.  We haven't put him into an organized sport.  We've been resisting for a number of reasons, but he has asked to play hockey next year.  Ugh, hockey, my least favourite sport.
Wednesday March 7, 2012.
Shady - I pulled around the back of the drugstore where Kenzie works part time.  Her work isn't in the best neighbourhood.  I can say that because we used to live there when the big kids were small.  In the five years that we lived near there, I don't think I ever once took the shortcut and walked through this parking lot.  When I noticed this shady character waiting outside,  he made me a little nervous.  Turns out he was just a nice boy waiting to walk his girl home. 
Thursday March 8, 2012.
Giant Spider -
Friday March 9, 2012.
Boys will be Boys - They barricaded their sister and her friend in her room.
Saturday March 10, 2012.
Birthday Wishes - We invited ourselves for an overnight visit with my Dad and Lynda for his birthday.  Hubby took this picture of my Dad and I.  I know right?  I can't really count it as a 365 if I didn't take it.  No worries, I did take many other pictures on Saturday March 10th, but this was the one I wanted to share here.  It was nice to be able to visit with Dad.
Sunday March 11, 2012.
You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out Kid - Grampie bought a BB gun.  He and Charlie had great fun with the target practice.  I hope Grampie gets a chance to fix the drywall in the garage before he gets caught making holes in it.
Monday March 12, 2012.
Tired and Glad to be Home - Between the time change, not sleeping in his own bed and the long drive back and forth to Dad's house Hubby is tired; tired enough ignore his allergies and allow the cat to sit on him. 
Tuesday March 13, 2012.
Clearly, I'm Getting Nothing Done - It's March break and the weather has been fabulous.  I had big plans for the break to get caught up on a few of my English assignments and maybe even get ahead.  I tried, really I did.  I brought my laptop outside to work.  But the warm sunshine and cool breezes did nothing to help my concentration. 
Wednesday March 14, 2012.
Two Takes - In the morning I put the moon to bed,
 Two Takes - and in the evening, I watched my boys ride into the sunset.  It was a good day.
Thursday March 15, 2012.
Umm, I think you have something on your face - I love it when I make a dinner that everyone likes.  Tonight was Rib Night! 

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