Friday, November 4, 2011

October 28, 2011.
Autumn Sky - I can get lost in a beautiful sky.  Fluffy clouds, steaks of pink, rainbows, mysterious fog, it all inspires me.  Time and time again I point my lens upward, trying to capture the magic. 

October 29, 2011.
Sweet Relief - Josh has to be the sweetest, kindest brother ever.  Last week when Kenzie and Charlie were going through their painful recoveries, Josh bought each of them a pint of their favourite ice cream.  On his own, he walked up to Baskin Robins, used his birthday money, and raced home before it melted.  Best. Brother. Ever. 

October 30, 2011.
Pumpkin Carving -  Almost two weeks post op, and the kids are finally feeling more like themselves.  They don't have much energy, but at least the pain is gone.  Just in time for pumpkin carving.  The Halloween play list was cranked loud. I danced to Micheal Jackson's Thriller and The Guess Who's Clap for the Wolfman.  I took pictures, as the kids and John concentrated on separating the seeds from the goo and carefully carved their Jack-o-lanterns.  It was a great to have my family back. 

October 31, 2011.
Trick or Treat - My Little Devil and Sweet Hillbilly. Their costumes suited their personalities perfectly.

November 1, 2011.

Scarecrow -
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear - Mark Twain

November 2, 2011.
Walking in His Shoes -  On Wednesday, Josh went with his Dad for take your kid to work day.  Josh wasn't cleared to drive in the work truck with John, so arrangements were made for him to help out in the office and the shop.  I think Josh was pretty excited to go.  John on the other hand, was more tired and less excited.  John had to work an emergency night shift.  On Wednesday morning, John dropped Josh off at the shop, came home and went straight to bed. 
November 3, 2011.
BAM Weekly Self Portrait - Slow Down - I was so excited to have time to myself Thursday.  No kids, no husband - just me.  And how did I spend my day?  In the morning I gave the kitchen a serious cleaning.  By early afternoon, I was getting tired and my head ached.  I grabbed a couple of Tylenol, and left the house to go to the library.  My plans were to get a juicy novel, then stop by Tim Horton's for a coffee.  Once at the library, my little head ache had turned into a throbbing beast. I skipped the coffee.  Instead of trying to refuel with caffeine, I slowed down and took care of myself.

November 4, 2011.
Morning Frost -  No words for this one, it's beauty speaks for itself.  Just grateful I was there.


  1. Morning frost is a brilliant photo, no words indeed.