Friday, October 28, 2011

October 22, 2011.
Lights and Darks -  Taking pictures in public places is still hard for me.  I mean, it's not hard when I'm at the zoo, or a tourist attraction, - but pulling out my big nerdy Nikon at the mall, grocery store or when I'm going for a walk around my neighborhood  makes me feel weird.  On Saturday, I braved looking like the neighborhood eccentric and I went on a hunt for a perfect autumn sky and silhouettes for my Picture Fall prompt.  I was lucky that the sun had come out late in the day, and I was able to capture some magical shots with  golden hour light as the backdrop.   

October 23, 2011.
Empty Tree - I was compelled by the gnarly bark and the bent branches of the walnut tree at the park. This tree, With nothing left to give, waiting for spring to breathe new life into it, in my mind, is still beautiful.
October 24, 2011.
First Day - I started my new job at Terra Greenhouses.  I left the house Monday morning with a gut full of mommy guilt.  Both John and I had thought that Charlie and Kenzie would be feeling well enough to go back to school by Monday.  We couldn't have been more wrong.   On Monday, both kids were still very unwell.  John stayed home with the kids, and I went to work.  After years of me being the stay at home parent, I felt guilty.  Both for leaving and being excited to get out.  
October 25, 2011.
Mastering -  I took this picture of the flags in the staff parking lot Tuesday morning before work with my iphone.  I'm enjoying the rhythm of my new job.  I don't know if it's the act of creativity, or the soothing rhythm of production, but I find arranging greens calming. 
As much as I love the work, I'm getting frustrated with myself for not being able to go as fast as some of the other ladies. I love learning, but what I've discovered is that I hate the time between learning and mastering.  Self awareness comes with age, but I probably should have realized this a long time ago there's been lots of proof: piano lessons, ballet lessons, T-ball, skating, knitting.  Actually, now that I think of it, photography has been one of the only things that I've stuck at.  Learning how to take beautiful images has been just as gratifying as the images themselves. 

October  26, 2011.
Fall Comfort -  Last week, I put away our summer clothes and brought our winter wardrobes out of storage.  I exchanged the bright pastels and crisp, clean whites for the deep, rich tones of fall.  I love wearing cozy sweaters and my favourite jeans, all wrapped up in Fall Comfort.
October 27, 2011.
BAM self portrait - Shower of Falling Leaves

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