Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 5, 2011.
Frozen Over -  The fountain in the backyard was frozen over Saturday morning.  It shouldn't have surprised me, it's November after all, the days are shorter and the temperatures colder.  But seeing the ice shocked me a little.  On the verge of another winter, and I wondered where the year went, and how it passed us by so quickly.
November 6, 2011.
Fall Portrait Day - Each fall, I drag my kids outside for their annual portraits.  In past years portrait day meant coordinating outfits, cheesy smiles and perfect hair.  Sunday was individual portrait day (I'll do the family and group shots another day.)  This year, I gave the kids a ten minute warning: brush your teeth and hair, put on something decent and meet me out back for your fall pictures.  Picture day this year was relaxed, dare I say fun.  I wasn't so much trying to capture the perfect shot, as much as trying to capture the essence of my kids, who are each the perfect version on themselves.   My chill attitude was contagious.  Here is an outtake of The Little Man.  Captain Charlie. 
November 7, 2011.
Silver - When I pulled into the parking lot of my work on Monday morning, the view in front of me made my heart beat a little faster.  I am a watcher; a tracker of light.  I know that most sunrises wash the world in vibrant shades of yellow and orange.  On Monday morning the sunrise was beautifully different.  Instead of the usual golden glow, the sun cast the world in a shades of silver and white. 

November 8, 2011.
Habit - I love finding new blogs to read and I found a sweet one.  It's called Habit.  Habit is a collection of candid photographs, posted daily, along with a short thirty word description summing up the day.  Check out the link.  It's pretty cool.    

November 9, 2011.
November Rain -  Now that I'm a working girl, I'm not able to pick up Charlie everyday from school.  It sucks.  I didn't think that I would miss pick up duty so much.  I was looking forward to picking up Charlie myself on my day off.  Unfortunately because of the rain, it was a quick grab and go.  No playing at the park, no visiting with my mommy friends.  Straight home.  Both of us were bummed. 

November 10, 2011.
Sunrise::Two Ways -  Okay, obviously someone is enjoying the time change.  Thursday morning brought another beautiful sunrise.  This one golden.  Once more I went out to play with the light.  I took two sunrise photos on Thursday.  The first picture was taken with my Nikon.  Although I love it, and it's a stunning photograph, it's not my picture of the day.  
It's the second picture that  gets me excited.  The second picture was taken with my iPhone.  I shot it with the amber acrylic panel on my gazebo acting as a filter.  The end image has a distorted dream like quality that I find enchanting. 

November 11, 2011.
Lest We Forget - BAM weekly self portrait - Friday was Remembrance Day in Canada.  It's a pretty emotional day for me, maybe because, the older I get the younger the boys seem to be that so bravely fought for our freedom. 
I was thinking not only of the unmarked graves full of kids, but of the boys who made it home, like my Grandfather.  In the spring of 1945 he would have been fighting overseas, by the next summer he would have been a young husband and father.  It blows my mind how he would have adjusted in a time where Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome wasn't heard of. 


  1. Oh wonderful these ones are.
    As I browsed through them I thougth Nov. 7th would be my favorite but then I got to Nov 11th. It teared me up ...not only the photo but your words.
    If at all possible I would love a copy of Nov 11th,I find it so endearing...... Any chance.....just a 5x7 or even a 4x6?????

    Aunt Mary

  2. Trish, you are an amazing child!