Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 8, 2011.
Keep It Simple - The Picture Fall prompt was Keep It Simple.  Simple pleasures is what we were all about Thanksgiving weekend.  We went camping and I couldn't have been more thankful for the  blessings in my life.  Over and over I said to my guys, "We are so lucky, we have such a good life." 

October 9, 2011.
Strengthen The Things Which Remain - Summer is holding on a little longer.  When we saw the weather forecast, we just couldn't resist going on one last camping trip.  While we were away, The Little Man found a lonely caterpillar.  One of the things that Charlie and Kenzie like to do together is build small scale survival structures from Les Stroud's Survivor Man book.  A perfect place for a caterpillar to live for a couple of hours.

October 10, 2011.
Preparations - My Picture Fall prompt was Preparations.  We were asked to spend some time photographing our kitchen preparations.  I definitely didn't feel like cooking.  Instead, we got take out, but I did set the Conversation Starters on the table.  It's been awhile since I put them out and everyone enjoyed them.  Made take out night feel like a big family dinner.  Goes to show you that most times sitting together, talking and sharing is just as important as what gets served.

October 11, 2011.
Growing Brains - Thankfully, The Little Man likes homework.  No kidding.  I think he wants to be like the big kids so badly, that he embraces homework as a chance to grow his brain.  I love how this picture captures his concentration. 

October 12, 2011.
Father's Pride - Another homework shot, this time with Charlie trying out his Devil costume.    I love the look of pride on John's face. 

October 13, 2011.
Good Day Sunshine - Actually it's been raining here the last few days, but Picture Fall's prompt had us looking for sunshine today.  The wind and rain washed the leaves off the trees and made the sidewalk glow a golden yellow.  Using this one as my BAM, self portrait for the week.

October 14, 2011.
Champagne Birthday - Today is Josh's fourteenth birthday.  Fourteen on the fourteenth - a special year for him.  To celebrate, we had the family over for a party.  Party preparations took up most of my day - I always get a little worked up whenever I am entertaining.  Anyways, at one point during the party I stepped outside and noticed the pink sunset sky, and felt the hair on my arms raise a little.  Exactly a year ago, on his birthday there was another beautiful sunset.  A gift from the heavens, to a sweet special boy. 

October 15, 2011.
Mid Month Message - Going into the second half of October I know that my family is going to be pushed to the limit.  Both Kenzie and Charlie are getting their tonsils out.  Shouldn't be a huge deal, but the anticipation of my kids going under general anesthesia has me a little stressed.  I'm trying to be calm, but inside I am a wreck.  I have a few days of playing nurse maid to the kids, then it's back to work.  I will finally be starting the new job I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.  I know once the ball is in motion, we will be fine.  I will be fine.  It's the thought of all our upcoming stress that has me stressed!  My mid month message for myself is to "chill."

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