Monday, September 26, 2011

September 17, 2011.
His Ride - The Little Man rode his bike back and forth, between our house and the park, while his Dad and I worked on reseeding the front lawn.  The purple park is three houses away.  We can see it from the bottom of the driveway, so when he asked if he could play with some other kids at the park, we said yes.  It was his first time that he was allowed to be at the park by himself.  And he wasn't really alone; his sister was at the park with her friends and every few minutes, I would walk to the end of the driveway and check up on him. 

September 18, 2011.
All Boy, All Kid - Five years ago, I took a picture of his brother that looked so much like this one.  Both boys having lopsided helmets, proud grins and eyes so dark, you could get lost in them. 

September 19, 2011.
Some days He'll Still Hold My Hand - The other night while watching tv, he held my hand.    Since school started, he has been having nightmares, slipping in our bed in the middle of the night for comfort.  He is missing his mom. He's missing our Monday craft days, our mornings at the library and afternoons at the park.  I know this.  But, he won't admit to it, because he is much to grown up to miss his mom.     

September 20, 2011.
Caught My Eye - I'm going stir crazy.  Being home with my kids is one thing, but being home by myself is another.  To kill the time until  school pick up, I walked up to Fortinos.  I didn't need anything.  Not even a loaf of bread.  Wandering around the grocery store.  Aimlessly.  God, I need a job. 

September 21, 2011.
The Road Home -

September 22, 2011.
Bam! The Return of the Weekly Self Portrait - Why?  Because turning the lens on myself tells my story.  Not someone elses view of me, but my narrative. Because, even with grey hair, crows feet and years of sun damage, I am enough.

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  1. I love your self portrait - you are beautiful!