Friday, September 9, 2011

September 1, 2011.
Inside and Out - This picture of Kenzie's makeup bag was taken for the Picture Inspiration prompt, In The Bag.  My daughter wasn't always the girly girl she is today.  For years, her favorite past time was making mud pies.  When she became a teen, she replaced mud for makeup as her creative outlet.  One day she was a little girl with dirt under her fingernails and wearing baggy clothes, the next she was a fashion conscious teen, spending hours on her hair and makeup.  It wasn't only her appearance that changed.  Her confidence and sense of self strengthened.  I'm not sure if the makeup or the confidence came first.  Was she showing the world the changes inside with a new made up look on the outside, or did the new made up look change how she saw herself? 

September 2, 2011.
Morning Gifts-  Last week, while I was sat outside with my coffee, my eye was drawn to the sunglasses that I had tossed on the table the night before.  The morning dew clung the lenses transforming the ordinary into sparkling amber jewels.  I thought it was pretty scene so I grabbed a quick shot with my phone.  This was the only shot I got that day.  Fall brings a faster pace. I'm grateful that I was able to capture a small piece of the slow quiet summer morning that might have otherwise slipped me by. 
September 3, 2011.
Salsa Time -  I made my first batch of preserves on the weekend.  And boy, it was a lot of work.  Together with my father in law, we made three batches of salsa.  Each batch required nine cups of chopped, seeded tomatoes and six cups of chopped sweet peppers.  The next day, my shoulders were stiff and my legs ached from standing in one spot for so long.  I would do it all again though.  There is something so rewarding about seeing a pantry stocked with mason jars full with the vegetables that were bought fresh from the market.   Next time I think I will do a jam - strawberry maybe? 
September 4, 2011.
Counting Down -  It's after lunch on the second last day of summer vacation.  All three (yes three, Kenzie is the lump under the blanket in the corner) of my kids are like zoned out zombies watching hour after hour of cartoons.  Can you hear that?  In the background?   "It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

September 5, 2011.
New Dancing Shoes -  Actually Charlie is sporting new school shoes, but when the mood strikes, you just gotta dance.  I love the feeling of excitement in this picture.   He's off to grade one tomorrow, and you can tell he is feeling pretty darn good about himself.

September 6, 2011.
First Day -  I think that all parents go through the same mixed bag of emotions on the first day of school.  We are proud of them, and nervous for them.  We wait with a knot of anxiety in our stomach for news about how the first day went.  As Josh headed off to his first day of high school, the knot was tied tighter that any other year I can remember.  
September 7, 2011.
Unfold -   Sometimes my words aren't enough.  Sometimes a picture, without any words, tells the story I feel needs to be told.   When I look at this image, just one word comes to my mind.  Unfold. 

September 8, 2011.
Life Gets Messy, Reseed - Inspired by a Shutter Sister post that encouraged us to celebrate our own messy lives, I went to the side of my home that has been neglected this summer.  It is here where I normally plant a small veggie garden.  Green onions, chives, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes.  Not much, but enough to give us a taste of summer.  This spring, life got messy and the garden wasn't planted or even weeded from the year before.  I had expected to take a picture of my mess, but instead I found that the cherry tomatoes had reseeded themselves.  Life got messy and yet somehow, my garden thrived.  


  1. Great posts, Trish!!! Just sent Alex off to JK this week and I know she'll be that teenage makeup wearing girl far too fast! I took a similar photo of Alex looking at her "big school". Sigh.....what's that saying about holding them in your arms for only a short time, but in your heart forever?

  2. I absolutely love the way you do your 365 project Trish. Every photo and write-up feels so thoughtful and authentic.

    And way to go on the salsa. That is an absurd amount of chopping, but anything made with that kind of love and dedication is wonderful. Enjoy!

  3. And how did Josh make out?
    Aunt Mary