Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 27 - June 1

May 27, 2011.
A Taste of Summer: It's not quite corn season here in Ontario, but we had our first taste.   I find it funny to watch how people eat a cob of corn.  Some go side to side, like a typewriter, others rotate the cob and eat in circles and some bite into the cob randomly.  How do you eat your corn?

 May 28, 2011.
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: We took the boys to the back field to race their remote control cars.  Getting there was a soggy, muddy trek.  The baseball diamond seemed drier so we headed there.  We made the boys promise to not drive into the mud puddles.  "Opps, I didn't mean to."  "Accident!" Needless to say, the boys cars came home caked in mud. 
May 29, 2011.
Gnomeo and Julliet: It was a busy Sunday, trying to catch up on well, life.  Errands to run, chores to get done. It was the kind of Sunday where you run around all day with the hope that you will feel ready and able to tackle the week ahead.  After dinner, we decided to chill out with a movie, Gnomeo and Julliet.  To commemorate the movie, I grabbed a quick snap shot of one of my garden gnomes. And yes, I have an embarrassing number of these guys.
May 30, 2011.
Baby Toes: I had a quick visit with my friend, her new grandson and her daughter. My friends daughter is young, a teen mom.  A tough kid with a heart of gold, but as a mom, she looked vulnerable and unsure of herself.  I wanted so badly to tell her, that none of us know what we are doing at first, that all of us are scared sh**less when we bring our baby home. I wanted her to know that just when she figures it out, her son will grow and change, have different needs and present her with new challenges.  And she will always feel a little scared, because being a mom means that your heart is no longer yours alone.  That as a mom you will do anything, brave anything for what is best for your child - and sometimes that is scary, so scary that it takes your breath away.  And that doesn't change regardless of how old they are or how old you are.  I wanted to tell her all of this.  But I kept my mouth shut, because like all moms, she will figure this out. 

May 31, 2011.
Dreams:  I was on the back deck, trying to get a picture of a very aggressive carpenter bee when a flock of pigeons flew over head.  When I went to edit the picture, the saying "allow your dreams to take flight" popped into my head.  How often do we have dreams that sit on the shelf, for fear that if we allow our hopes to fly, they will either fail or fly away on us - vanishing into thin air?  What happened to the child inside of all of us that believed that anything was possible? Who would you be if you believed in your dreams?

June 1, 2011.
Pool Boy: The Little Man loves the water.  Today we made a special trip to the dollar store so he could buy goggles.  I made him spend his own money. I was trying to explain that he had enough for his goggles, a snorkel and a Spiderman car but that it would take three of his twonies, he replied, "You mean if I buy all of this, I will waste my money?"
Funny how when it's my money it is not a waste, but when it's his money, spending it on his stuff, it's a waste.


  1. Love the goggle shot.

    You are so not like me (I know ...thank goodness you say) I would have offered my thoughts to the new young mother.

    BTW.....Side to a typrwriter.

  2. I tried this last week, lost it. Isn't technology wonderful. I do my corn rotating from the small end to the big end.

    Trish another of my FB friends did a 365 thing. She was from Halifax now Toronto. I think she might even play your town sometimes.

    Check her out, she did a song a day for 365 days.

    You are a good writer as well as photographer!

    Cuz, Kevin

  3. Thanks Kevin, I will check out your friends blog. A song a day? Now, that sounds hard!