Friday, June 17, 2011

Being Different

June 8, 2011.
Beach Boys:  It's been crazy hot here.  Since the Tree Guys were working in the backyard, our kiddie pool was off limits.  Instead of being trapped indoors, I called a few of the mommies from the school, and we made a spur of the moment play date at the local beach.  The boys loved it, and so did the mommies.

June 9, 2011.
Textured Peonies: I cut these pretties from my garden.  Usually, when I  bring peonies indoors, I get a house full of ants.  I googled what to do about this, and found a tip: fill a bucket of cool water, and swish the blooms around in the water.  Washing the ants away.  Great tip! Not one ant made his way into my house.  When I edited the image, I added a texture.  This is my first time trying a texture on one of my photographs and I'm not sure if I love the results...what do you think?  Does the texture add to the image or take away from it?

June 10, 2011.
Choose Wisely:  Paper, Rock, Scissors.  However you make your decisions realize that they are yours.  Take responsibility for your decisions.  Be proud of them.  Where you are in life, who you are right now, is the sum of your choices. 

June 11, 2011.
Where Ever You Go Today, Believe This:  Because I know how tough it is to be a teen aged girl, I wrote this message on The Kid's mirror.  So that her day would begin with love, and whatever storms may come her way today, she can hold this message in her heart.

June 12, 2011.
Stormy Lines of Miscommunication:  I went for a walk today to clear my head.  Sometimes the best intentions can be misinterpreted.  Sometimes the love you give is not able to be received.  (taken with my iPhone, still struggling with resolution -like everything else in life, it's a learning curve for sure)

June 13, 2011.
Au revoir:  There he goes.  Off to Quebec with the grade eight trip.  For the next four days, I will race every time I hear the phone ring in case it's him.  I will worry that he's okay.  I will think about how much he has grown up in the last few years, and my heart will fill with pride.  For the next four days, our house will feel a little empty and we will all miss him terribly.  Have fun buddy, xo. 


June 14, 2011.
I'm Stumped:  I wanted to take this picture of Charlie standing on the huge tree stump in the back yard.  I loved the contrast between his little feet and the huge stump.  But I don't know what I want to title it, or say about this picture besides, I'm Stumped.

June 15, 2011.
Oh, so Different:  The whole week has been different.  The view from our backyard being so dramatically altered, out of the blue field trip to the beach, attempting new ideas with my photography, and of course Josh being away.  It really hit me when I passed by my daughters room. I noticed Charlie and Kenzie playing with her old doll house.  Wow, things sure are different around here....


The below collage of the Full Moon and Lunar eclipse was taken over two days.  June 14th and 15th.  Photographing the moon has always been difficult for me, but I think I totally rocked these.  Not part of my 365 project, but I just had to share!
Full moon/lunar eclipse - June 13 & 14,  2011

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  1. love the textured image of the peonies trish!!!
    hope quebec was great for J ~