Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday March 3, 2013.
Lazy Sunday -
As I come to the end of another 365, I know there has to be a break.  The project that once brought me so much satisfaction has started to feel like a chore.  So in order to recapture my love for photography and my ability to reflect with gratitude, I have take a break.  The Break.  It makes me a little sad, and fills me with anxiety because I wonder if without the formal commitment of my 365 will still capture the everyday moments.  The mundane, small bits and pieces that when  put together tell a story that is uniquely extraordinary.  

Monday March 4, 2013.
Happy Birthday -
He has been my best friend for 23 years.  Beside each other, we have faced challenges and celebrated joys.  We've grown up.  I've watched him become the man he is today, and on his birthday I took some time to think about all the ways in which he is evolved.  At mid life, he has become a paradox: content but driven, proud but graceful, independent but emerging as a leader.
I am so thankful for him.  Happy Birthday Baby.

Tuesday March 5, 2013.
Just Like Dad - 
This boy loves his Dad.  

Wednesday March 6, 2013.
Spring Fever -
The longer, brighter days have my cats Twitterpated.  They have been  following  us around begging for love and attention with their loud cries. And when they do find a lap to sit on, they insist on loving us back with an your face nuzzle that leaves you covered in fur.

Thursday March 7, 2013.
Comfort -
Still in our bed from last nights bad dream, I started my day with an early morning Charlie cuddle.

Thursday March 7, 2013.
An Hour - 
Josh went with me to watch Charlie's indoor soccer game which meant that I had my boy of few words alone for an hour.  

Friday March 8, 2013.
Morning Crafts -
Most mornings we get out of the house without any mishaps.  Get up, get the kids up, make coffee, make lunches, drink coffee/visit with John, get breakfast for Charlie (usually a frozen waffle, a bowl of cereal or instant oatmeal),  remind Charlie to brush his teeth, shower, get dressed, remind Charlie to brush his teeth, makeup, blow dry, remind Charlie to put socks on,  make sure bag is packed,  and out the door.
This routine, or some variation of it is how most morning go.  Except when it doesn't - like when while eating his frozen waffle Charlie reminds me that he wants to make a tinfoil crown for England day at school.
Tin Foil crown?  Morning crafts?  THIS is not part of the routine - a routine that goes like clockwork and leaves no room for construction paper, glue and scissors.

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