Saturday, March 2, 2013

February 18, 2013.
Family - 
We spent family day at our favorite place, Valens Conservation Area.  We are so comfortable there, it feels like going home each time we visit.  

February 19, 2013.
Time for a Trim -
Preserving the life of the cut flowers I got for Valentine's Day.

February 20, 2013.
Focusing on the Details -

February 21, 2013.
Cracked but not Broken -

February 22, 2013.
Date Night -
The restaurant was uncomfortably loud.  The food was mediocre and overpriced.  But the date: the date was everything a date should be.

February 23, 2013 - missed.

February 24, 2013.
Papa's Big Day -
Happy Birthday to a special man.

February 25, 2013.
Waiting -
For me waiting always equals worrying.  I made my second trip to my doctor for the frostbite that has developed on my feet.  I felt better after seeing him despite the fact that he cringed when he saw my feet and used words like severe, not normal.  Now, I wait to see a specialist.

February 26, 2013 -
Good Morning (not uploaded to the blog.)

February 27, 2013.
Vintage -

February 28, 2013.
Soulmate -
A dozen years ago, I gave my husband this stone.  He has kept it in his pocket ever since.

March 1, 2013.
Mantra for Motherhood -

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