Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday March 9, 2013.
Little Camera,
Little Pictures,
Little Moments. 

Sunday March 10, 2012.
A Sign -
I've learned that life offers you signs in many different forms - the trick is to be open and ready to see them.  Today, on the way to visit my father for his birthday, I was ready.  As we sped past at 100 kilometers and hour, I saw this sign and was reminded of the gift it is to be a girl - a reminder that stayed with me for the rest of the day.  

Monday March 11, 2013.
Sketches -
Charlie has had an art attack.  Every day he was marking his doodles all over any piece of paper he could find. I didn't want his creative efforts to be get lost amid the sea of papers in our house so I bought him a sketch book.  "Do you want to draw with me?"  he asked last night.  And so, I drew him, with him.    

Tuesday  March 12, 2013.
Hidden - 
Was she hiding from me or me from her?  

Wednesday March 13, 2013.
Chillin' -
Auntie Cindy took the boys to Glen Eden to go tobogganing today.   They came home tired and ready to relax for the night.  

Thursday March 14, 2013.
At Home -
An attempt to heal to heal my frostbitten feet has me off work this week.  I used my extra time to create some spring decor for my home.  By the end of the I realized that I am no longer a stay at home mom.  I need the interaction and the mental stimulation that work provides.  Yeah, it shocked me too.  

Friday March 15, 2013.
Life with Teens -  

Saturday March 16, 2012.
Ready for Spring -

Sunday March 17, 2013.
Tormented -
Poor Sam - despite being teased by the neighborhood cats and tormented by the squirrels he continues to guard our window with soldier like intent.  

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