Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday March 17, 2013.
Blue -

Monday March 18, 2013.
Thankful -
That I finished inventory early enough to spend some time playing board games with two of my boys in front of a warm fire.  (even if I did loose all three games!)

Tuesday March 18, 2013.
I Caved -
With a ferocity that wasn't pretty, I caved.  

Tuesday March 20, 2013.
Goodnight Spring -

Wednesday March 21, 2013.
Kitchen Shadows -

Friday March 22, 2012.
In the Depths -
If you look closely, I'm there.  A faint reflection behind the glitter and within depths of a picture taken long ago.  This is me.  I am the depth of my past and the glitter of my future.

Saturday March 23, 2013.
Fulfilled -
There were many days I didn't think I would make it, there were even more days that I wondered why I was even bothering.  Today I fulfilled my commitment to myself; 365 days of capturing my life, my story - because my story is enough.

The End. 

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