Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Around Here - 2012

Miss Piggy in her favorite spot.

christmas tree bokeh

beer and cookies for santa
annual reading of The Night Before Christmas

i tried to sneak my way into this year's picture - nobody wanted to give up thier spot 

coming down to check out the loot

at least there is no hand in front of her face

josh and charlie with their santa gifts - charlie is getting his back molars, hence the zoolander look. 

happy boy

happy girl

charlie's obviously happy with the gift that josh got him

miss piggy was displeased we were taking away her spot.  she was giving us the cold shoulder. 

after all the gifts were unwrapped, she managed to find a piece of tissue paper to call her own. 

boxing day 2012 - the family grows each year, but the size of my living room doesn't 

not everyone could pull this off - my little brother can though!  he even can make the chewy noise!

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  1. WOW...The Night Before Christmas book looks well used and an it.