Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Monday October 1, 2012
Holding on -
The leaves haven't begun to turn golden, but they are no longer hold their dark, saturated green colour.  They are on the verge of change - caught for the moment between seasons. 

Tuesday October 2, 2012
Around Here -
Life around here has been drastically different and remarkably unchanged.  For years I was the anchor in our home; I was the one who everyone came home to, the one who made sure that the logistics of our home ran smoothly.  Being away from the home for forty hours or more a week means that I am no longer the only one who is keeping us or our home running smoothly.  We are adapting to our new circumstances.  John and I are taking turns doing laundry, cooking, homework and cleaning duties.  Josh and Kenzie have been a huge help, each of them take turns picking up Charlie from school, and babysitting him.  Things are different, we've adapted - but what remains unchanged is us.  We are still the silly, goofy family that we always were.  What we value most hasn't changed.  Family.

Wednesday October 3, 2012.
Unexplainable Explainations -
Why was there a leaf in his room and why did he only have one sock on?  Beats me.  When I asked him about his reply was an impish grin, a shrug of his shoulders and one word -  "what?"

Thursday October 4, 2012.
Teen Spirit -
Hundreds of teens, all dressed in marroon and gold - their school colours paraded past my store window.   They were walking for Terry Fox and cancer research.  Any one of them could have skipped out.  Any one of them could have considered the walk around the block 'lame' and yet the majority of the school paraded past.  For Terry.  To honour those who have fought with courage and to give hope to those who are still in the battle.  In this day in age where we hear so many stories in the media about teen bullying or teens who have gone down the wrong path, it's nice to see that the vast majority of them are still good kids. 

Friday October 5, 2012.
Priorities -
I put us first.

Saturday October 6, 2012.
Bubble Beard -
His Dad is growing a beard.  I like Charlie's better. 

Sunday October 7, 2012
Heart of the Home -
We went to Mom's for Thanksgiving dinner.  Dinner was great, and as much as I enjoyed the company, it was good to get home, and snuggle with my family in front of fireplace.

Monday October 8, 2012.
Gathering and Giving Thanks -
The best part about getting together with family is seeing the cousins interact with each other.  Last night we were at my mother's home, where the kids played with their maternal cousins, and today we went to my father-in-laws for turkey dinner.  At Papa's the kids all sit together in the kitchen to eat.  Don't worry, they don't feel left out of the festivities.  They had their own kitchen party.  I'm not sure what they were giggling about, but they were in hysterics.  Charlie laughed so hard that water came out of his nose!

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