Friday, November 8, 2013

round four - October 25 - November 5

Friday October 25, 2013.
Best Daddy Date Ever -
Kenzie and John were so excited to go see Matt Good in concert.  As a special treat, they got their tickets upgraded to VIP, which meant that they were third row center, and got a chance to meet with Matt after the show!  It was such a great experience for them to have together.  

Saturday October 26, 2013.
Changes -
Great conversations have a way of altering the way you see the world.  I had one on Saturday that still has me thinking, pondering and rethinking.

Sunday October 27, 2013.
Rallied -
I spent the day tired and hung over.  By the end of the day, I rallied and decorated the front porch with John for Halloween.

Monday October 28, 2013.
Physics -
The mousetrap car was a physics group assignment gone wrong.  Kenzie ended up bringing it home, working for hours to get it to where she was happy with it.
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines physics as a science that deals with matter and energy and  their interactions.  I believe that for Kenzie, this group project proves that matter, energy and interactions will always be a balancing act.

Tuesday October 29, 2013.
Pumpkin Carving -
Kenzie and her friends went to the school dance so it was just me and the boys carving pumpkins this year

Wednesday October 30, 2013.
Morning Dew -
One line at at time the world comes into focus.

Thursday October 31, 2013.
Trick or Treat -
In our home, Halloween has always been a little chaotic, but in the last few years it is more so.  It has become tradition for our "country mouse" cousins to trick or treat with us in the city.  My kids don't get their costumes on until their cousins arrive and once in costume, they are rearing to go.  I barely get one or two shots before they are out the door.  I have accepted that my Halloween pictures will never be great.  Great pictures have been traded for great memories.
Charlie the Banana
Two comments on this picture
1.) what's with the hole in his sock?!
2.) He was right, he didn't need all the extra layers I forced him to wear.  He came home smelling like a stinky wet boy.
The gang braving the rain.

Friday November 1, 2013.
Lady in the Black Hat - 
By herself, she sat doing crossword puzzles in the pub.  Clapping her hands to the music and drinking her ale you could tell that she was, for the moment, completely content.  How she came here -not to the pub alone - but to this place in her life intrigued me and reminded me once again that everyone has a story.  

Saturday November 2, 2013.
11:08 -
I've made it to bedtime.  It's been a long hard day.  Day one of killing the Nicotine Monster is over.

Sunday November 3, 2013.
Golden Keys  -
I think that the key for me to get through the withdraw will be space.  Space away from distractions and noise.  Space to regroup and refocus.  Space to fill my lungs with air and exhale.

Monday November 4, 2013.
Fleeting Moments in Time -
The golden light of sunrise lasts only for few moments
so too does their childhood.
I continue to capture both in any way I know how.

Tuesday November 5, 2013.
Missing What I Never Knew -
As much as I enjoy my collection of old things, I know that they are from a time that I will never fully understand.
Today my husband and his family will morn the loss of his Dad, Jack.  I never met Jack and regardless of how many stories I am told, or how many pictures I manage to collect for my husband, I will never fully understand those wonder years when Jack was alive and death and heartache seemed naively impossible.  

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