Friday, November 15, 2013

round four - november 6 - november 15

Wednesday November 6, 2013.
Gifts -
Sometimes something happens to me in between when I shoot my picture of the day and when I sit down to reflect on it.  I remember feeling like the sunrise was a gift, wrapped up with pretty pink ribbons.  But as I sit down to put the feelings of gratitude  into words and I look at the picture I feel like the pretty pink ribbons are too loud, too garish - just too much.  As I write this I know that, for today at least, I don't need a party, or an in your face gift.  Today what I need is to find space for quiet and soft.  Today, I need to be gentle.

Thursday November 7, 2013.
Kick it -
Thursdays are soccer night.  And this kid loves soccer.

Friday November 8, 2013.
How Things Line Up -
I have words that go with this picture, but they won`t be shared here.  For now, those words hurt too much for me to work through on the blog.
He proudly pointed out the giant mustache sticker that he put on the family portrait.  "Oh my gosh Charlie, why would you do that?! You've ruined my picture!!!"  As soon the words were out of my mouth I regretted them - even more so when tears filled his eyes and his face went instantly from pride to shame.  In that moment I felt as small as I made him feel and I gave him a hug.  "I'm sorry buddy - I know why you did that, you are a fun, funny boy and you did it to make me smile. You didn`t know that the sticker would break my picture, and I`m sorry for making you feel bad.``
The mustache made me smile, and he deserved the apology,

Saturday November 9, 2013.
Rockin' Out -
We all needed to play tonight.

Sunday November 10, 2013.
A Day In My Life -
 1 -the wind blew the wrong way and every leaf in the neighborhood ended up on our driveway.
 2 - we decided to go for a walk - just the two of us.  I`m loving the extra energy we have.
 3 - when I look at myself, I see his love.  this time literally.

Monday November 11, 2013.
Sadness -
Sadness lingered over the dark wet day.  The heavy weather seemed an appropriate fit to the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  Lest we forget.

Tuesday November 12, 2013.
Doing Just Fine -
My former boss dropped by the bakery to say hello.  Even though I should know better, I couldn't help but ask how the old frozen food shop was doing.  Sales are up.  The store is doing just fine without me.  The news was a bit of a blow.  So I shared this with my family at dinner.
Right away, Charlie looked at me and said,
"Yeah, and you're doing just fine without them", and then to emphasize his point he raises his hands in the air "BAM!"
He's right, I am doing just fine. BAM!

Wednesday November 13, 2013.
Backseat -
His clear view from behind is very different from the frosty, foggy window that blurs what is before me.

Thursday November 14, 2013.
Tea & Honey -
Did you know that nicotine blocks caffeine absorption?  Neither did I.  As well as giving up nicotine we've had to seriously cut down caffeine.  Raspberry tea and honey anyone?

Friday November 15, 2013.
Stretching Lessons -
This is one of my favourite books at the library.  I sign it out every chance I get.  Every page has it's own gems - little words of wisdom to encourage you to listen to the whispers and goosebumps of your life.
Some of my favourites:
'It's not about trying - it's about allowing."
"There's a difference between hard work and unnecessary suffering."
"It's a slow thing to give strength to your song."
"What we do with our lives makes us an artist."
"Accepting success can also be a stretch."

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