Friday, October 18, 2013

Round Four {week five and six}

Wednesday October 2, 2013.
A Light In The Darkness -
Instagram was aglow as shutter sisters and camera men lit candles in support of Kim Klassen and her husband John.  I hope that it lent some light in a dark time for them.

Thursday October 3, 2013.
Treasures -
I've always wanted my own toy typewriter.  Last weekend I got this one.  It needs some fixing up, but this little rickety gem makes me happy.

How I Feel -
I'm hesitant to post this picture - or to try to explain how I'm feeling.  But family and friends keep asking how I'm feeling so here goes.  Lupus makes me feel damaged, ugly and vulnerable.  It makes me feel that I don't have control.  And so I fight it.  I push harder than I should during the day, and by evening I am a wreck.  By the time we finish dinner at best I am exhausted and at worst I'm a write off.  In the evening I have burning pain; like my entire body is covered in an intense achy sunburn.  I get numbness and tingling in my arms and legs.  I have stiffness and joint pain.  Cognitively I'm confused - my words get slurred, don't come out or they come out in the wrong order.  My chest feels tight and every intake of breath feels like I have bronchitis. I get headaches that no amount of Advil or Tylenol will cure.  My eyeballs feel intense pressure - like I have an elephant standing on them.  My symptoms come and go, change night to night and because they do I feel like I'm going crazy or that must be faking the whole thing.

Friday October 4, 2013.
Cowboy Take Me Away -
Another wet weekend, but rain or shine we were going - especially because we knew it would be our last of the season.  The heavy fog felt like a comforting blanket laid over us and we were ready to cozy in for the night.

Saturday October 5, 2013.
Last Trip-
The last trip of the season made us feel sad and grateful all at the same time.

Sunday October 6, 2013.
Winding Down -
Big and Little went on a photo walk as we closed up the camp site.  It makes me proud to see them exploring with their cameras together.

Monday October 7, 2013.
Mouse Trap -
Mouse Trap has got to be my least favourtie board game.  There is just so much friggin work to set it up, and then the little plastic pieces don't fit together the way they should.  But since Charlie had been bugging for ages to play we obliged.  At least Sam enjoyed game night.

Tuesday October 8, 2013.
Second Bloom -
Sometimes the conditions are just right and then you get the chance to begin again.

Wednesday October 9, 2013.
Geared Up and Ready to Roll -
It's going to be busy week ahead.

Thursday October 10, 2013.
Celebrating Excellence -
Both Charlie and Kenzie had big days.
Charlie joined the cross country team and participated in his first race.  He placed 29th out of 200 kids.  He beat his personal goal of 40th.
Kenzie had her honour roll ceremony.  It was her chance to celebrate her hard work last year, and for us to say "I told you so."
Way to Go Kiddos.  We are so proud of you both.

on his way - a second shot that I couldn't resist adding. 

Friday October 11, 2013.
Date Night -
It was a crazy busy day at work, and even though I should have come home dead tired, I came home drunk on adrenaline.  We decided that the good mood and good health deserved a night out.

Saturday October 12, 2013.
Making Time -
I spent the morning at work, John worked at winterizing the trailer, and getting the house ready for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a day full of chores and obligations.  We didn't have time for fun, but we took it anyways.  A play and a walk in the park with the boys turned out to be the best part of every one's day.

Sunday October 13, 2013.
Pink Sunrise -
The saying goes, "Pink sky at night, sailors delight.  Pink sky in morn, sailors be warned."  Sure enough even as I sat enjoying the morning, the rain started.

Monday October 14, 2013.
Boom - Super Nova!  -
And just like that my sweet boy is sixteen.  Each time I look at him I see him changing.  Growing into himself. Expressing himself.  Being himself.  Happy Birthday Josh!  Keep being you.

Tuesday October 15, 2013.
Sweet Treats -
I had the opportunity to bring my big girl camera to work to do some food product photography.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about it.

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