Thursday, June 14, 2012

You're going to notice that some of the days and pictures don't have any words.  That's because they were shot from the heart.  They are full of emotions I know, but words that I am not able to share.  
There are days where, all I can give, are images.

Wednesday May 16, 2012.
Cracked -
These eggshells reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

Ring the bells that still can ring,
forget your perfect offering
there is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in. 
~ Leonard Cohen

may 16 - 54/365
Thursday May 17, 2012.
Gym Class -
may 17 - 55/365
Friday May 18, 2012.
Day out with Mom -
may 18 - 56/365
Saturday May 19, 2012.
Away -
Exactly where I need to be. 
may 19 - 57/365
Sunday May 20, 2012.
Fitting In -
may 20 - 58/365
Monday May 21, 2012.
Almost Skinny Dipping -
It was just the two of us on the beach, but he still felt shy.  He's growing up.  

may 21 - 59/365
Tuesday May 22, 2012.
How I Want to Be Loved -

may 22 -60/365
Tuesday May 22, 2012.
Second Shot :: Searching for the Rainbow -
The rain stopped as suddenly as it started.  The sun began to shine even before the last drops fell.  Charlie and I went outside in search of a rainbow.  It wasn't there.  
second shot may 22 - 60/365
Wednesday May 23, 2012.
Three - 
Sometimes I marvel at how my three came in the perfect order.  Oldest.  Middle.  Baby.  Each of them perfectly fitting into the whole.  
may 23 - 61/365
Thursday May 24, 2012.
Nostalgia - 
She brought her laptop with her when she came to watch T.V with me.  Last year this happened all the time.  These night time visits have become farther and farther apart.  I've missed them.  
may 24 - 62/365
Friday May 25, 2012.
In My Mind - 
In my mind, I pretend that the neighbors shed is a charming English cottage instead of filled with mundane garden tools.  In my mind. 
may 25 - 63/365
Saturday May 26, 2012.
Along the Fence Line -
In the morning, his Dad and I spent an hour digging out the weeds from the fence line.  That evening, he spent an hour playing in the freshly dug soil.  It was worth the work.   
may 26 - 64.365
Sunday May 27, 2012.
Almost There -
Waiting for my boys to finish their bathroom break, I caught a glimpse of my reflection - almost there I thought to myself.  Almost there.  
may 27 - 65/365
Monday May 28, 2012.
Splash! - 
I was so grateful when Charlie and I were invited to go for a swim at his friend's house.  The water guns were brought out and a war between the moms and the sons broke out.  We lost.  
may 28 - 66/365

Tuesday May 29, 2012.
The Texture of Textile - 
One from my Picture Black and White class.  
may 29 - 67/365
Wednesday May 30, 2012.
Rough and Tumble -
Another one for my Picture Black and White class.  Tracey asked us to capture and image of a rough and tumble texture.  
may 30 - 68/365
Thursday May 31, 2012.
Favorites - 
A photo walk with my favorite girl, in my favorite light.  My heart feels like it is home.  
may 31 - 69.365
Thursday May 31, 2012.
Second Shot :: A Perfect Pair -
She almost bought a Cannon.  A Cannon seriously?  But I knew why.  She wanted something that was all hers.  
second shot
may 31 - 69/365

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