Monday, June 25, 2012

Wednesday June 13, 2012.
On A Safari -
I volunteered to go with Charlie on his school field trip to the African Lion Safari last week. The kids were beyond excited to go.  Their excitement and energy was nearly impossible to contain.  Trust me, I tried and failed.  I was exhausted at the end of the day. 
June 13
Thursday June 15, 2012.
Take Care of Each Other - 
More than anything, when these three become adults, I want them to think of each other often.  I want them to stay close.  To be friends.  I want them to bring their own families together and share the stories of their childhood with the next generation who will think of those same stories as old fashioned.  I want them to never stop believing in themselves or each other.  I want them to take care of each other.
June 14
Friday June 15, 2012.
Take a Seat -
or not.
June 15
Saturday June 16, 2012.
Makeshift Fort -
As a kid, I built forts in my closet, under the stairs, out of lawn chairs and sheets and in big cardboard boxes.  I shared a bedroom with my sister growing up, so maybe my love for forts came from looking for a space to call my very own.  This weekend Charlie found a space of his very own.  He played here, under the pool, for a long time.  And aparently, he doesn't have an open door policy, "Just knock if you need me." he said.  
June 16
Sunday June 17, 2012.
Father's Day -
I can't imagine a better father for my children.  He has worked hard to obtain his goals and this has taught them that with perseverance every dream is possible.  He has advocated and fought for them teaching them that no matter what, he has their back.  He has connected with them and played with them and this has taught them that life is too short to take for granted the time we have together.
June 17
Monday June 18, 2012.
Her Shot -
It was a long wait at the dentist this week.  Kenzie and I got a little bored and found our own entertainment.  This is her shot.
June 18
Kenzie's Picture
Monday June 18, 2012.
My Shot -
I took my 365 shot that morning - a pretty picture, but not nearly as much fun as hers.
June 18
Tuesday June 19, 2012.
Sweet Sam -
He is such a gentleman.
June 19

Wednesday June 20, 2012.
Hot and Tired - 
The record breaking heat wave had knocked us out.  I felt so bad for Charlie.  For two days he sat in a school without air conditioning.  I knew the school was hot, but I didn't realize how hot.  On Wednesday, the principal came out to individually speak to the parents who were picking up their children, and told us that it was 130 degrees in the upstairs classroom.  130 degrees!!  After hearing that, there was no way that I was going to send Charlie to endure another day of those temperatures.  It makes me wonder why the school boards don't hesitate to close the school on snow days, but are reluctant to close the schools when there is a heat wave warning. 
June 20
Thursday June 21, 2012.
The Longest Day of the Year -
I used the extra minutes on the longest day of the year to create my Summer Bucket List.  Most of the items on the list are traditions that we do every year, but there are a few new ones that I'm pretty excited about, like "Make a Mud Pie."  And just to clarify,  I don't mean an edible mud pie.  I'm talking an honest to goodnest mud pie made with dirt and water with pinecones, leaves and berries for garnish.  It's something that I loved to do as a kid, and I can't wait to get my hands dirty again. 
June 21
Friday June 22, 2012.
Damn You Pinterest - 
You made it look so easy.
June 22

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