Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday June 1, 2012.
3 O'clock Rain -
I have been walking one of my kids back and forth to school for eleven years.  All those years walking have taught me a few things: the clouds may threaten all day, but it wont be until 3 o'clock that the rain finally falls, and that dollar store umbrellas will not keep an adult dry.
june 1
Saturday June 2, 2012.
Double Exposure -
I took this one as part of my digital photo course final summary assignment.  I've owned my camera since 2007, but had yet to play with the double exposure feature.  This image of myself overlaid on a cloudy skyline was my first attempt.
june 2
Sunday June 3, 2012.
Moon Rising -
Sometimes I am amazed at the beauty in nature.  This was one of those moments.
june 3
Monday June 4, 2012.
Droplets -
The steady mist of rain cooled the air, caused havoc with my hair and settled as droplets on the flowers in my garden.
june 4
Tuesday June 5, 2012.
Taller -
"You will never be dumb as long as you know how to read."  I will always remember those words of wisdom that my Gram Smith gave me.  Somehow, even as a girl, I recognized the importance of not just the message she gave, but that she was willing to show me a glimpse of herself ( a woman as strong as my paternal grandmother only gave glimpses.)   At the time she said this to me, she would have been well into her seventies.  Her years would have earned her the respect of her family and friends for being the survivor of a hard life.  Long gone were the days when she was a fourteen year old mother with a limited education and even more limited funds who raised her chin and walked past the whispers that may have questioned her intelligence.  She was able to ignore the talk, because she knew she was better.  She could read and write.  She knew; in her heart she knew that she smarter than the circumstances in which she found herself.
june 5
Wednesday June 6, 2012.
The Difference a Few Days -
The peonies had bloomed but I kept putting off cutting myself some for the house.  I was almost too late.  The pounding rain had bent the flowers to the ground - most of them didn't make it, but I did save enough for small bouquet.  I savoured these few blooms and even enjoyed their beauty after they began to dry out. 
june 6
Thursday June 7, 2012.
For Papa -
Ray is John's stepfather, but more importantly, he's Papa to my kids and probably John's best friend.  This year, for Father's Day, the kids painted Papa a special chair to take with him when we go camping together. 
june 7
Friday June 8, 2012.
Perfect Night -
I would live this shit day all over again if it meant that it ended with this perfect night.
june 8
Saturday June 9, 2012.
Looking Out -

june 9
Sunday June 10, 2012.
Beach Treat -
Even though we were eating fast, the sticky, sugary juice ran down the stick and turned our hands red.  We rinsed off in the lake before we left to go home.  Each of us were tired but rested from the time away. 
june 10
Monday June 11, 2012.
Found -
I found me a little love today.  A perfectly shaped cherry heart - that's what I saw, but Josh saw something different.  "Oh," he said, "You found a bum shaped cherry!"  It's all about perspective. 
june 11
Tuesday June 12, 2012.
On the Verge -
On the verge of summer.
On the verge of blooming.
On the verge of flight. 

june 12

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