Friday, September 4, 2015

These Small Hours Still Remain

I have put off thinking about the goodbye, but the closer we get to moving day, the harder it is to ignore the fact that my girl is leaving home for the first time.  She is ready for this, but I feel the same way I did before she was born.  Just like I couldn't imagine what our day to day life would look like together, I am having a hard time imagining what life will look like without our daily interactions.

Some advice for you as you go:
  1. open your heart to new friendships, but be selective to opening your heart to new "loves"
  2. for god's sake be sanitary. 
  3. be patient with yourself, your teachers, new ideas
  4. have faith in yourself.  you are more capable than you know. 
  5. water.booze.water.booze
  6. you are happiest when you move your body. make time for your workouts
  7. its a line of credit: you have to pay it back.
  8. show up for class. and do your homework.  don't be a Sunday night essay writer.  
  9. bathrooms and fridges are best cleaned weekly - don't be gross. 
  10. call home.  

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