Wednesday, May 6, 2015


its hard to say what has inspired me to sit down and write today.  what do i want to share today that i havent wanted to share for the last six months or so

i havent sat doen to write a blog post in so long.  my creativity has found other, more private forms.  ive spent the better part of last year, exploring - sometimes by myself, sometimes with my best friend.  ive opened up to possibilities.  instead of capturing my life with digital images, i have painted, with brushstrokes.  

with paint, and words, and pens, i found a new kind of expression.  a new way to find my voice. new pathways to explore.  and ive wanted to do this quietly - sharing what i discovered about my life, myself and my dreams with select few.  
this time has felt like a rebirth.  new.  sweet.  optimistic. 

i keep asking myself how do i want to feel. 

eager, playful, soulful, alive.  
courageous, bold, free.  
loved, connected, inspired.  

if this quiet exploration has reveled anything to me it is this:  trust the journey. 

the other this i was surprised to learn about myself is that i want to inspire.  
i want to lift people up and encourage. 

i wish to breathe life into people.  
empower them to believe in their dreams. their creativity. 
to paint their own picture, to tell their own story.  

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