Thursday, January 5, 2012

Friday December 30, 2011.
SNOW! - I'm so glad that we resisted buying The Little Man the new toboggan and snow helmet he wanted for Christmas.  The mild temperatures have brought with them lots of rain not much snow to speak of.  Finally on Friday, just enough of the white stuff fell for the boys to go out and play.

Saturday December 31, 2011.
Peeling Back 2011 - We had a quiet New Year's Eve.  John was on call and was called out at 10:30.  We knew he wouldn't make it home before midnight.  The kids and I called him and we all counted down together.  We made the best of it.  For the first time in twenty one years I didn't kiss my husband at midnight.

Sunday January 1, 2012.
Get Back - I was looking forward to having a do nothing kind of day.  John was eager to get the tree down.  He won.  We spent the day putting away Christmas.  The house felt so good and clean we invited Papa over for supper.  Just as I went into the kitchen to start preparing the spaghetti sauce, John's work phone rang, and he had to go to a call.  Did I mention that on call sucks ass?  Thought so. 

Monday January 2, 2012.
Slow Morning -  The Little Man likes to be first at everything.  It kills him that his older brother is able to wake up before him.  On Monday, Charlie slept in late.  It well past ten before he came down stairs, blanket and Mr. Bunny in hand.   

Tuesday January 3, 2012.
Getting Out -  The temperature had dropped and a cold weather warning was put into effect on the day I had agreed to have my nephews for a sleepover.  My nephews are great boys, but they come from different stock than us.  My guys are quite content to laze around all day.  If my nephews had to laze around all day, I think their bodies might spontaneously combust.  They are active kids.  By afternoon, I couldn't listen to another wrestling match, another pillow fight or another tickling fight.  The boys needed more physical activity than my basement could provide. We all bundled up and braved the frigid temperatures for a quick nature walk before the sun set.  Even thought we were only gone an hour or so, the time outside worked like magic.  The house was quiet for the first time all day.

Wednesday January 4, 2012.
Check the Manual - It was another busy day.  By the time I had a chance to take a picture the sun had already gone down.  I thought I would experiment with my Flash compensation button on my Nikon.  Bad Idea.  Somehow in doing so, I messed up the settings, and I had to reset my camera.  Crap, how do I do that again?  It's been a long time since I have had to check the manual.  Once I had it out, I decided that reading it again would be a good idea. Everyone needs a refresher once in a while.

Thursday January 5, 2012.
One Little Word -  Life at anytime can become difficult.  Life at anytime can become easy. It all depends on how one adjusts oneself to life.  - Author Unknown.
I choose my word.  Easy.  Easy does it.  Take it easy.  Take the hard road the easy way.  Easy Street.  What ever way you look at it, I'm game for an Easy year. 


  1. happy new year ... my one little word for twenty12 is DO! i like easy too, was going to choose simplify but DO it is this year.
    xo cheryl

  2. Cheryl, DO is a great word. Are you taking Ali Edwards One Little Word class over at Big Picture Classes?

  3. this post has inspired me to pull out my camera manual (something i've never read) and maybe even do some online tutorials.

    beautiful set, as usual :)